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About Me


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  • My name is Andy and I am a 50+ year old male gamer.
  • My user name in game is Yoe Dude.8249
  • I play on the Borlis Pass World Server
  • I have founded the lesser known guild: Brothers Under Devine Spirit [BUDS]
  • I joined the [Wiki] guild and fly its tags proudly while editing
  • I joined the large guild [FotM] for teaming in Fractals
Wiki Newsletter
My Wiki Projects
Where am I?
Week of Sunday, 22 April 2018

Thanks to Relyk for this newsletter!

I have been working hard on Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects/Cartography making things more complete and removing red links. Taking lots of screenshots for location pages and formating point of interest pages.

Areas finished[edit]

  • Andy took a break from serious editing for a while due to health and personal issues. I'm trying to get back into my groove.
  • Tiff of Nee heard that people were trying to reach level 80 without ever leaving their starting area??? She is trying to do this at Wayfarer Foothills fighting The Frozen Maw. And she succeeded!
  • Yoe Dude finds out about everything after everyone else. He is trying fast to catch up exploring Diessa Plateau.
Special thanks to all but notably Aqua, Chieftain Alex, Dr Ishmael, poke and Relyk for user page help.