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Unique is a property of certain items that prevents the player from equipping multiple copies of that item at one time. This property is mostly, but not exclusively, associated with equipment of Ascended rarity, especially ascended trinkets. Certain trophies and other non-equipment items have the unique characteristic, even though it has no impact on their functionality. Similarly, it has no effect on back equipment and amulets, because only one of each type can be equipped anyway.


Normally, if two identical items are obtained, and two appropriate equipment slots are available, both can be equipped. For instance, accessory Koda's Gift is not unique, so a pair of them can equipped at once in two accessory slots. However, with unique items, you can only equip one copy at once. For instance, if you obtain 2 Ancient Karka Shells, any given character can only equip one of them at once. Each Ancient Karka Shell only takes up one accessory slot, and the second slot can be used to equip a different accessory, but not a second Ancient Karka Shell. It would be possible to equip a Charged Quartz Orichalcum Earring as the second accessory, which still has Celestial attributes.

Again, this does not prevent you from equipping two items with equivalent stats, even if both items are unique. For instance, you can equip both a Magister's Field Journal and an Althea's Ashes, even though they are functionally equivalent with Berserker attributes and the unique property. Most ascended rings and accessories are marked as unique, with at least one other trinket existing with the exact same attributes. The unique property primarily serves to make utilizing trinkets of both the same slot and prefix more difficult, particularly in the case where the trinket's prefix is selectable.

An attuned or infused variant of an item counts as a different item for purpose of uniqueness. However, items with different upgrade components still count as the same. (Note: inserting an infusion is not the same as infusing an item, and will fail to "bypass" the unique property.)

  • Uniqueness has no impact on inventory storage or non-simultaneous usage. A character can have two or more Sparking Petrified Woods of different prefixes, with the intention of only having one equipped at a time.
  • Uniqueness does not imply that you can only get one of an item. In most cases, you can obtain multiple copies of the item — but again, multiple copies still can't be used by the same character at the same time.

Additional examples[edit]

Can be equipped together
Cannot be equipped together

List of unique equipment and exceptions[edit]


Almost all ascended trinkets are Unique (the entire list can be seen at Category:Ascended trinkets), except for the following items:

Some non-ascended trinkets are Unique:

Back items[edit]

Many, but not all, ascended and legendary backpacks are Unique, but this has no impact on their use because you can only equip one back item at a time anyway.


Despite almost no weapons being Unique, certain raid weapons are. The same exact Unique weapon (same id, regardless of transmuted skin or selected stats) may be equipped on either weapon set, but only on the same slot (main-hand or off-hand). This also applies to raid weapons with a different name (id) but with the same default skin and selected stats.

Other items[edit]


  • The technical implementation is that no two unique items with the same item ID may be equipped. This is why inserting upgrades makes no difference, but infusing or attuning a ring does, as these processes change the item's ID.


  • Historically, ascended rings and accessories with equivalent stats had different types of infusion slots (offensive vs defensive), and so were not quite equivalent. All infusion slots were unified on July 26, 2016, eliminating that distinction and making these items exactly equivalent.