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Search and list vendor items based on search criteria. Parameters map to query conditions for creating the semantic query. Format using {{vendor item table header}} and {{Vendor item table result format}}.

{{vendor table
| vendor      =
| section     =
| service     =
| status      =
| item        = 
| min cost    =
| max cost    =
| currency    = 
| item type   =
| item class  =
| rarity      =
| armor type  =
| armor class = 
| trinket type =
| min level   = 
| max level   =
| skin        =
| location    =


Parameter Maps to property
vendor Property:Has vendor
section Property:Has vendor section
service Property:Has vendor
Redirect Arrow.pngProperty:Has service
status Property:Has vendor
Redirect Arrow.pngProperty:Has availability
item Property:Sells item
min cost Property:Has item cost
Redirect Arrow.pngProperty:Has item value
max cost Property:Has item cost
Redirect Arrow.pngProperty:Has item value
currency Property:Has item cost
Redirect Arrow.pngProperty:Has item currency
item type Property:Has item type
armor type Property:Has armor type
item class Property:Has armor weight class
trinket type Property:Has trinket type
weapon type Property:Has weapon type
decoration type Property:Has decoration type
rarity Property:Has item rarity
min level Property:Has level requirement
max level Property:Has level requirement
skin Property:Has skin
location Property:Located in (only for regions)
collection Property:Is part of collection
include historical vendors Property:Has vendor
Redirect Arrow.pngProperty:Is historical
include historical items Property:Is historical
other Custom query.
Default false. Shows the text for the cost of each item in addition to the icon.
Default false. Collapses the table.


{{vendor table
| currency    = Karma
| rarity      = Exotic
| armor type  = Coat
| armor class = Light
Item Vendor Area Zone Cost
Aurora Garb.png Berserker's Aurora Garb of Grenth Keeper Jonez Deadrun Keeper Jonez Deadrun Cathedral of Silence Cursed Shore 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Garb.png Cleric's Aurora Garb of Dwayna Historian Vermoth Historian Vermoth Cathedral of Zephyrs Malchor's Leap 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Garb.png Magi's Aurora Garb of Melandru Lightbringer Surefoot Lightbringer Surefoot Cathedral of Verdance Cursed Shore 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Garb.png Rabid Aurora Garb of Lyssa Lightbringer Brutefur Lightbringer Brutefur Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Malchor's Leap 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Garb.png Rampager's Aurora Garb of Balthazar Tactician Deathstrider Tactician Deathstrider Cathedral of Glorious Victory Straits of Devastation 42,000 Karma.png
Aurora Garb.png Soldier's Aurora Garb of Infiltration Crusader Benson Crusader Benson The Narthex Cursed Shore 42,000 Karma.png
Runic Shaman Coat.png Runic Shaman Coat Berghild Berghild Hall of Monuments Eye of the North 250 Gold coin + 115,000 Karma.png
Runic Shaman Coat.png Runic Shaman Coat Berghild Berghild Hall of Monuments Eye of the North 115,000 Karma.png + Gift of Ephemeral Magic.png

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