Sovereign weapon skins

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Sovereign weapon skins

Sovereign weapon skins are a set of weapon skins introduced with the Queen's Jubilee release. During the Jubilee they could be purchased from the six emissaries in The Crown Pavilion or obtained as a rare drop from Resplendent Watchwork Boxes. When the Pavilion returned as a part of the Festival of the Four Winds, the weapons could be purchased from the Sovereign Weapon Vendor which replaced the emissaries.


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Weapon skins[edit]

Item Type Item link
Main hand
Sovereign Eviscerator.png Sovereign Eviscerator Skin Axe
Sovereign Cinquedea.png Sovereign Cinquedea Skin Dagger
Sovereign Punisher.png Sovereign Punisher Skin Mace
Sovereign Firearm.png Sovereign Firearm Skin Pistol
Sovereign Scepter.png Sovereign Scepter Skin Scepter
Sovereign Spatha.png Sovereign Spatha Skin Sword
Off hand
Sovereign Artifact.png Sovereign Artifact Skin Focus
Sovereign Protector.png Sovereign Protector Skin Shield
Sovereign Beacon.png Sovereign Beacon Skin Torch
Sovereign Herald.png Sovereign Herald Skin Warhorn
Sovereign Crusader.png Sovereign Crusader Skin Greatsword
Sovereign Warhammer.png Sovereign Warhammer Skin Hammer
Sovereign Greatbow.png Sovereign Greatbow Skin Longbow
Sovereign Arquebus.png Sovereign Arquebus Skin Rifle
Sovereign Crescent.png Sovereign Crescent Skin Short bow
Sovereign Pillar.png Sovereign Pillar Skin Staff


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