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This text property identifies the canonical name of the game asset being described, as distinct from the wiki page name which may include a disambiguation suffix.

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"/Rockout" Emote Tome +"/Rockout" Emote Tome  +
"A Dragon Primer" by Ogden Stonehealer +"A Dragon Primer" by Ogden Stonehealer  +
"Assassin" +"Assassin"  +
"Aviator" +"Aviator"  +
"Black Powder and Its Uses" +"Black Powder and Its Uses"  +
"Black Powder and Its Uses" (book) +"Black Powder and Its Uses"  +
"Cannibal" +"Cannibal"  +
"Charr Delegation Soldier" +"Charr Delegation Soldier"  +
"Cheer!" +"Cheer!"  +
"Cryptonym" Strongbox +"Cryptonym" Strongbox  +
"Deputy" Brooke +"Deputy" Brooke  +
"Devil" +"Devil"  +
"Digger" Dirtclaw +"Digger" Dirtclaw  +
"Dinner" +"Dinner"  +
"Dragon" Protein +"Dragon" Protein  +
"Dragonrender" Strongbox +"Dragonrender" Strongbox  +
"Ebon Vanguard Soldier" +"Ebon Vanguard Soldier"  +
"Endurance" Strongbox +"Endurance" Strongbox  +
"Erosion and Waypoint Stability" by Technician Penn +"Erosion and Waypoint Stability" by Technician Penn  +
"Evon" Gnashblade +"Evon" Gnashblade  +
"Eye of the Storm!" (Gale Song) +"Eye of the Storm!"  +
"Eyes" Duskstalker +"Eyes" Duskstalker  +
"Faren's Flyer" Strongbox +"Faren's Flyer" Strongbox  +
"Garbage Legion" Soldier +"Garbage Legion" Soldier  +
"Ghost" +"Ghost"  +