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Semantic Forms is an extension to MediaWiki that allows users to add, edit and query data using forms. It is heavily tied in with the Semantic MediaWiki extension, and is meant to be used for structured data that has semantic markup. Having Semantic MediaWiki installed is a precondition for the Semantic Forms extension; the code will not work without it.

This page serves to document the forms being used throughout the wiki.

Special:Version lists the currently installed version of Semantic Forms and related semantic extensions.

Query forms[edit]

See Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Semantic Forms/Query forms for a list of query forms available categorized by the type of content.

List of available forms[edit]

External reference[edit]

Semantic Forms - navigation
Basics Main page · Download and installation · Quick start guide · Hosting · Special pages
Using Semantic Forms SF and templates · Defining forms · The "edit with form" tab · Linking to forms · Creating query forms
Resources for help Common problems · Known bugs and planned features · Getting support · Developers' documentation
About Semantic Forms Authors and credits · Version history · Sites that use Semantic Forms · Related extensions

Known issues[edit]

Url links to query forms
When a query form is linked to by a URL with parameters supplied, such as to {{base ingredients}}, a newline is added after the parameter. It seems probable that this is not an issue for named parameters. This issue can be addressed by wrapping input parameters in {{trim}}.
Multiple #forminput or #formlink calls on a Form page
Semantic Forms gets confused when calling #forminput or #formlink multiples times with different forms. This can be outside or inside the noinclude tags as Mediawiki tries parsing the page. This creates multiple issues such as breaking autocomplete and standard buttons like show preview. The parser calls with function correctly in the preview but break once the page is saved. To avoid this, only use the parser functions for a single form.
Query form linking
Using things like {{Special:RunQuery/Equipment query}} no longer works and produces an internal MediaWiki error instead of producing a valid output. Use {{Query form link}} as a workaround or link directly (replacing spaces with underscores).
During mediawiki upgrades
Currently, every single time a form is reached during the rebuildData SMW script, the script hangs. This requires the ArenaNet administrator to manually specify the offset of n+1 (where n is the page number for the form which breaks the script). For this reason, unused forms have been deleted.