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The Standard Drop Rate Footer template.


This template produces the footer of drop rate research tables. (i.e. It provides the totals heading, the totals line, the percentage line and a bunch of links to the images that appear in the top header.)

It won't work without using both {{SDRH}} and {{SDRL}}, the header and line templates respectively, which setup the input values.



This template usually has no parameters.

Optional. The number of decimals that the percentage/average amount line should be rounded to. (Defaults to 2)
average label
Optional. Specify a custom label instead of "Per container" (only applicable if using manual totals).
1 ... 50 (unnamed)
Optional. Only use if multiple drop entries link to same page in the header section. Setting this value will cause no cosmetic change on the drop rate page, but will change the name the text label for the respective entry in {{Drop rate lookup table}}. (E.g. If items 3, 5 + 6 link to the Equipment page, then they would all appear as Equipment by default on the chart. Setting 3=Fine Equipment|5=Exotic Equipment|6=Rare Equipment would correct these labels.)