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Knight Crusader for GW2

My Class Suggestions[edit]

Druid Class

Paladin Class/Holy Knight

Shadow Knight class

Golem Master class

Cleric Class

Demon Walker

Warlock Class

Monk Class

Engineer Class YAY!!!--Knighthonor 12:07, 28 May 2011 (UTC)


User Knighthonor cleric1.jpg
User Knighthonor cleric.jpg

Damn I found a Shield like this on a LARP site, but shields usually cost 200+ Dollars

Charr Armor concept art.jpg

User Knighthonor GW2 Community.jpg

I approve of this Pwn

My Plans to Destroy the World[edit]

Asura architecture 01 concept art.jpg

Charr 11 concept art.jpg
here is my Shadow Knight's Frozen minion knights. I send these to destroy you all
Rise Up

This my Sword. Iam going to use this to Chop off all of your necks.So Stay out of my way!



User knighthonor charge.jpg {{Professions nav}}

My Classes
Elementalist Human Male
Warrior Norn Male
Ranger SylvariMale
Necromancer CharrMale
Elementalist TBA TBA
Male Male Male

Cleric Profession[edit]

default value


  1.  The medieval system, principles, and customs of knighthood.
        1. The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.
        2. A manifestation of any of these qualities.
  3. A group of knights or gallant gentlemen.

Work Pages[edit]

New Suggestions[edit]


Instanced PvP[edit]

  • I really didnt like the instanced PvP. I believe it should have other game modes here with larger scale. WvW has its interesting points, but I believe instanced PvP should have something better than 5v5...

World PvP[edit]

Class Ideas[edit]

Shadow Knight[edit]

  • Shadow Knight should be a new Soldier class that deals with offensive support hybrid with minion control and as a mechanics. Generate Dark Magic, and summon powerful minions with it that can support/attack.

-Great Sword
-Long Bow

Player Interactions[edit]

Lore Ideas[edit]

Mechanic Ideas[edit]

Bugs and Tech Issues[edit]

External Info on the game[edit]

info on MMORPG.COM

WvW Siege Placement Maps[edit]

Editing Tools[edit]

{{Skill infobox
| icon = Geyser.png
| description = Blast forwards a line of icy explosions, chilling and damaging foes.
| variables = {{skill fact|damage|292}}{{skill fact|chilled|1}}{{skill fact|misc|alt=Number of Impacts|5}}{{skill fact|misc|alt=Blast Radius|120}}{{skill fact|range|600}}
| activation = 0.75
| recharge = 3
| slot = environmental
| twohand = Koda's Hammer
| weapon-slot = 2
| id = 23187

Elite Spec Ideas[edit]



  • Rift Knight -Greatsword wielding knights of the Mist, altering the fabric of reality and time to their well. Has a doppelganger effect and exchange legend swap for a time line warped version of the legends.


  • Hunter-- Greataxe wielding warriors of the Bounty Hunt. Gains a Battle pet to fight alongside and hunt down criminals to bring them back, dead or alive.
  • Weapon Master-- Staff wielding masters of most weapons. Gain access to Conjuration skills building their own weapons to use and share with other students of the master teacher.
  • Justicar-- land Trident wielding these warriors traded off their primitive rage for a Holy Fury, trusting into battle to protect and heal allies in the frontlines, growing stronger as they defend allies.


  • Paladin-- wield Greataxe into battle leading their Brigade of Knight squire into battle. Paladins gain access to Squire minion skills to join the battlefield, each with a unique form of combat and active skills to command.



  • Golemancer-- dual wield maces, building an army of robot Minions to crush your enemies and defend the battlegrounds.


  • Samurai-- greatsword wielding fighters of the front lines, who mastered the greatsword to defend their homeland.


  • Warden-- dual Pistols wielding with gadgets at their disposal to make the arrest.
  • Witch Doctor--wield Scepter and Focus, Witch Doctors are attuned to the ancestral animal spirits of nature allowing them the ability to change forms into different Animals themselves.



  • Bard-- wield shortbow as a weapon and as a musical harp to enchant allies and enemies alike. Illusions Shatters are replaced by Anthems which can be used to heal and support allies.


  • Seer-- Wields Hammer and the elements are concentrated into mystical totems with different methods of use. The Seer toggles through the elements to match its need, changing the 4 totems available into a different elemental presence.


  • Shadow Priest-- wield Longbow and exchange shroud with the ability to summon multiple spiritual Minions that require life force to stay anchored into this world. The Longbow is infused with life energy, which can swap between a life giving weapon and a death bringing weapon.


/wiki mbrp /wiki psna Karma to Gold

Kneel Before the Colossus of Penetration

mystic forge event[edit]

[&Cj0iAAA=] Deadliest Game

[&CjoiAAA=] Fucales

[&CjkiAAA=] Paleolith

[&Cj4iAAA=] Repellant

[&CjgiAAA=] Ruyi

[&CkkiAAA=] The Forest King

[&CkYiAAA=] Turai's Shield

[&CkEiAAA=] Vulture's Steel

[&CksiAAA=] Water Dancer