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{{Achievement table row
| name = 
| icon = 
| page =
| description = 
| flavor = 
| type = 
| hidden = 
| cap = 
| parent = 
| tiers = 
| show tiers = 
| reward = 
| tier rewards = 
| quantity =
| coins = 
| title = 
| location = 
| prerequisite =
| unlock =
| objectives =
| collection =
| notes = 
| activity = 
| mastery = 
| chapter = 
| id = 
| mastery id = 


Canonical name of an achievement
Optional. Icon for achievement, defaults to the icon associated with the parent page.
The article for the achievement.
Short descriptions of an achievement.
Flavor text listed below the description.
standard is the achievement. The default type.
meta if this achievement is the meta achievement
parent if the achievement is an umbrella achievement for a set of achievements in the category
repeatable if the achievement can be repeated infinitely. These do not contribute to meta or umbrella achievements.
Optional. Set to yes if the achievement is hidden. Defaults to no.
If the achievement is repeatable, specifies the maximum number of AP from it.
The parent achievement this achievement contributes to. This is separate from the meta achievement.
Pre-text and the achievement points rewarded for completion of the tier, separate tiers with a line-break.
show tiers
On default for seven or more tiers the lower rows are collapsed. Can be set to "y" to immediately show all tier rows, e.g. if the left part takes enough space.
The item rewarded for completion.
The quantity of the reward received if greater than 1.
tier rewards
The items rewarded for each tier, format: <tier>;<item>;<quantity>, separate tier rewards with a line-break. Note that the parameter "reward" will be suppressed in this case.
The coin rewarded for completion
The title rewarded for completion
The suggested location for completion, waypoint or point of interest. Separate multiple locations with semi-colons.
When the achievement has any prerequisites that have to be completed before.
When the achievement requires a certain item to be obtained to make the achievement available.
Achievement objectives as plain text, separate objectives with a line-break.
show objectives
On default for nine or more objectives the lower ones are collapsed. Can be set to "y" to immediately show all objectives.
Collection items. List of items having an own page, separated with a line-break. If an item has a related skin, then it will link to the skin instead.
Can be set to "y" to ask for the collection items automatically which will be sorted alphabetically.
If specified, any notes given here will appear in a references section of the page. If one doesn't already exist, create a Notes section at the bottom of the page and add <references/> to it to make these notes appear.
What activity does this achievement refer to. Multiple values allowed, separate them with ";".
Central Tyria if this achievement grants a Central Tyria mastery point.
Heart of Thorns if this achievement grants a Heart of Thorns mastery point.
Crystal Desert if this achievement grants a Crystal Desert mastery point.
Icebrood Saga if this achievement grants a Icebrood Saga mastery point.
The personal story chapter this achievement is for. Used to prevent repeated mastery points from being set.
The achievement ID.
mastery id
The mastery ID.
If set to anything at all, no subobjects are set.


{{Achievement table header|icon=Slayer.png}}
{{Achievement table row
| name = Devourer Slayer
| description = Kill 500 devourers.
| flavor = Devourers may be ugly, tough, and dangerous, but they're still prey for a skilled adventurer.
| tiers = 10 kills;1
100 kills;5
500 kills;5
1000 kills;5
Achievement table row
Total achievements: 1 16Achievement points
Devourer Slayer 16Achievement points
Kill 500 devourers.Devourers may be ugly, tough, and dangerous, but they're still prey for a skilled adventurer. 10 kills 1Achievement points
100 kills 5Achievement points
500 kills 5Achievement points
1000 kills 5Achievement points