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{{NPC infobox
| name = 
| image = 
| random = 
| variable = 
| location = 
| coordinates = 
| race = 
| organization = 
| level = 
| rank = 
| profession = 
| service = 
| goal = 
| gallery1...gallery5 = 
| gallery1-text...gallery5-text = 
| requires = 
| status = 
| status notes = 


Optional. Only include if the name of the NPC differs from the article name. Defaults the name of the article: {{PAGENAME}}.
Optional. Only include if the NPC has a unique icon. If no value is set the icon defaults to showing an icon chosen by the service parameter. If that too is unspecified, the icon is hidden. If set to "no" or "none", this parameter can suppress default icons caused by specification of the service parameter.
Optional. Defaults to the page name: {{PAGENAME}}.jpg. Set to no to disable the image. Note that the NPC screenshot should not include any text. The Shared Model Project might be used for any already uploaded model.
Optional. Set to yes if the NPC's appearance changes randomly. Commonly used for many generic NPCs and merchants. Defaults to no.
Optional. Set to yes if the NPC's appearance changes based on player choices like story or character customization. Defaults to no.
Required. The area(s) or zone(s) the NPC can be found. Use a semi-colon separated list of locations.
coordinates / path / bounds
Optional. The X and Y coordinates to the NPCs location. Displays and interactive map with a marker of the NPC's location. EG [12345,31321]. See {{Infobox map}} for more details.
waypoint id
Optional. The waypoint map id to be shown in the infobox map, defaults to showing the nearest waypoint on the same floor by distance.
Optional. If set, uses local wiki tiles instead of the API raster tiles. See Category:Map raster tiles.
Required. The race of the NPC. Race here should be capitalized. If this NPC could be multiple races, either list them all, comma-separated, or use "Various" instead of a huge list. For objects that are coded as NPCs in order to perform certain functions, use "object".
Optional. The organization/affiliation the NPC belongs to.
Optional. The level or levels of the NPC.
Optional. Should be one of the following: veteran, elite, champion, legendary or epic. Defaults to normal.
Optional. The profession of the NPC. Use a comma-separated list if more than one profession is possible.
The service or services provided by the NPC. Use a comma-separated list of services. Options:
reinforce armor
bandit crest collector
collections instructor
dungeon information
dungeon merchant
fishing supplies
guild commendation trader
guild promoter
guild armorer
guild weaponsmith
ley line crystal merchant
cultural armorsmith
cultural weaponsmith
master armorsmith
master artificer
master chef
master huntsman
master jeweler
master leatherworker
master scribe
master tailor
master weaponsmith
race organizer
renown heart
repeatable heart
skill challenge
hero challenge
trading post
transport facilitator
living world
living story
living story scout
living story waypoint
living story collector
living world merchant
geode merchant
belcher's bluff
mystic forge attendant
guild claiming
mastery insight (path of firs)
mastery insight (end of dragons)
dragon arena
Optional. Specific hero challenge events or Renown Heart tasks this NPC is affiliated with. If entering multiple goals, put each new goal on a new line.
gallery1 ... gallery5
Optional. Images related to the NPC. The first image defaults to {{PAGENAME}} location.jpg.
gallery1-text ... gallery5-text
Optional. Image descriptions.
Optional. "y" or "n" to turn on/off categorization. Default is on for main namespace articles and off for others. If using "status", don't set this parameter.
Optional. Status of content. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "future", and "unimplemented".
status notes
Optional. Allows provision of additional reason for the given status.
status date
Optional. Sets the date of the update that marked this skill as historical (in YYYY-MM-DD format).
Optional. The expansion or living world season required to access the content. Displays a notice of the required release. See {{infobox requires}} for options.


{{NPC infobox
| image = Caithe 02 concept art.jpg
| location = Maguuma Jungle; The Grove; Divinity's Reach
| race = Sylvari
| organization = Destiny's Edge
| level = 80
| rank = Legendary
| profession = Thief
| service = Guild Armorer
| gallery1 = User Lucian Shadowborn map.jpg
| gallery1-text = Location in Magumma Jungle
| gallery2 = User Lucian Shadowborn map.jpg
| gallery2-text = Location in The Grove
| gallery3 = User Lucian Shadowborn map.jpg
| gallery3-text = Location in Divinity's Reach

Guild Armorer.png



User Lucian Shadowborn map.jpg

Location in Magumma Jungle

User Lucian Shadowborn map.jpg

Location in The Grove

User Lucian Shadowborn map.jpg

Location in Divinity's Reach

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