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The version 1 of the Guild Wars 2 API is the first publicly available API, released on May 14th 2013. It is currently labeled as "beta" meaning that existing resources may change in the future, although all changes so far have been expanding the API without introducing any breaking changes. The API verison 1 should be considered as a work in progress.

It is publicly accessible over HTTPS and does not require any authorization. All resources are only accessible via GET and parameters are supplied in form of query string parameters. The API returns responses in form of JSON documents.


The base URL for all endpoints is https://api.guildwars2.com.


Errors resulting from incorrect input parameters will result in an HTTP status code 500, although a 4xx status code would be more appropriate for user errors. The server will return a JSON error object including a text property that contains a readable reason what was wrong with the request. For example a request to the map_floor resource without the required parameters will produce the following error document:

  "error": 10,
  "product": 0,
  "module": 4,
  "line": 264,
  "text": "missing continent_id or floor"

Requesting a non-existant endpoint will yield a HTTP status code 404 with a HTML output.