Temple armor

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Temple armor
Aurora armor Rubicon armor Armageddon armor
Female Aurora armor human female front.jpg Rubicon armor human female front.jpg Armageddon armor human female front.jpg
Male Aurora armor human male front.jpg Rubicon armor human male front.jpg Armageddon armor human male front.jpg
Aurora armor Rubicon armor Armageddon armor
Female Aurora armor asura female front.jpg Rubicon armor asura female front.jpg Armageddon armor asura female front.jpg
Male Aurora armor asura male front.jpg Rubicon armor asura male front.jpg Armageddon armor asura male front.jpg
Aurora armor Rubicon armor Armageddon armor
Female Aurora armor charr female front.jpg Rubicon armor charr female front.jpg Armageddon armor charr female front.jpg
Male Aurora armor charr male front.jpg Rubicon armor charr male front.jpg Armageddon armor charr male front.jpg
Aurora armor Rubicon armor Armageddon armor
Female Aurora armor norn female front.jpg Rubicon armor norn female front.jpg Armageddon armor norn female front.jpg
Male Aurora armor norn male front.jpg Rubicon armor norn male front.jpg Armageddon armor norn male front.jpg
Aurora armor Rubicon armor Armageddon armor
Female Aurora armor sylvari female front.jpg Rubicon armor sylvari female front.jpg Armageddon armor sylvari female front.jpg
Male Aurora armor sylvari male front.jpg Rubicon armor sylvari male front.jpg Armageddon armor sylvari male front.jpg

Temple armor is the unofficial name for the exotic level 80 armor sets that can be purchased with karma from the temples and the The Narthex in Cursed Shore. The karma vendors who sell them are only available when the relevant location is under Pact control after completing the meta event chain. Each piece costs 42,000 Karma, and a full set costs 252,000 Karma. The skins for each weight are identical regardless of the source, while the stats and the superior runes vary depending on the vendor. Salvageable armor with the same skins can also be obtained as loot in the Fractals of the Mists.


Skin preview codes
Armor class Headgear Shoulders Chest Gloves Leggings Boots


  • Fractals of the Mists: The items are account-bound, salvageable, and drop without runes. The prefixes available are Cavalier's, Magi's, Rabid, and Soldier's.
  • Ruins of Orr: The armor items are soulbound on acquire and cannot be salvaged. The trinket items are account bound on acquire and soulbound on use and cannot be salvaged. These armor pieces are purchased from specific vendors while the relevant site is under Pact control, i.e. after the associated meta event has completed successfully. These pieces include a rune corresponding to the temple and stats that vary depending on the source. Some of these vendors also sell trinkets with different attribute bonuses.
Vendor Location Rune Armor attribute bonus Trinket attribute bonus
Historian Vermoth Cathedral of Zephyrs Superior Rune of Dwayna.pngSuperior Rune of Dwayna Cleric's Healing Power.png Power.pngToughness.png Rabid Condition Damage.png Precision.pngToughness.png
Tactician Deathstrider Cathedral of Glorious Victory Superior Rune of Balthazar.pngSuperior Rune of Balthazar Rampager's Precision.png Power.pngCondition Damage.png Cavalier's Toughness.png Power.pngFerocity.png
Lightbringer Surefoot Cathedral of Verdance Superior Rune of Melandru.pngSuperior Rune of Melandru Magi's Healing Power.png Precision.pngVitality.png n/a
Keeper Jonez Deadrun Cathedral of Silence Superior Rune of Grenth.pngSuperior Rune of Grenth Berserker's Power.png Precision.pngFerocity.png Soldier's Power.png Toughness.pngVitality.png
Lightbringer Brutefur Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Superior Rune of Lyssa.pngSuperior Rune of Lyssa Rabid Condition Damage.png Precision.pngToughness.png Magi's Healing Power.png Precision.pngVitality.png
Crusader Benson The Narthex Superior Rune of Infiltration.pngSuperior Rune of Infiltration Soldier's Power.png Toughness.pngVitality.png n/a


  • As with any karma-based armor, these items cannot be salvaged; runes can only be removed with an Upgrade Extractor.