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Long time GW1 player. Been on board GW2 since the first open beta.




Vendor Area Zone Cost
Archaeologist (Zu Heltzer Historical Site) Archaeologist Zu Heltzer Historical Site The Echovald Wilds 35 Karma.png
Milton Book Milton Book Cornucopian Fields Gendarran Fields 35 Karma.png
Researcher (merchant) Researcher Zu Heltzer Historical Site The Echovald Wilds 35 Karma.png
Trader (karma merchant) Trader Bazaar Docks Labyrinthine Cliffs 35 Karma.png
Consortium Guard (karma merchant) Consortium Guard (vendor currently unavailable) Thunder Ridge Kessex Hills 2 for Pristine Toxic Spore Sample.png + 70 Karma.png
Farmer Eda Farmer Eda (item currently unavailable) Shaemoor Fields Queensdale 35 Karma.png
Lionguard Belongings Collector Lionguard Belongings Collector (vendor currently unavailable) Stormbluff Isle
Vigilant Hills
Bouldermouth Vale
Bloodtide Coast
Gendarran Fields
Lornar's Pass
Found Belonging.png

Account equipment summary[edit]