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Universal upgrades are upgrade components that can be applied to any equipment, regardless of the item's type. In contrast, runes can only be applied to armor, sigils can only be applied to weapons, and jewels can only be applied to trinkets.

Types of universal upgrades[edit]

Marks Mark of Lingering.pngMark of Lingering Mark of Mending.pngMark of Mending Mark of Penetration.pngMark of Penetration Mark of Potency.pngMark of Potency Mark of the Stout.pngMark of the Stout
Talismans Talisman of Lingering.pngTalisman of Lingering Talisman of Mending.pngTalisman of Mending Talisman of Penetration.pngTalisman of Penetration Talisman of Potency.pngTalisman of Potency Talisman of the Stout.pngTalisman of the Stout
Seals Seal of the Rabid.pngSeal of the Rabid Seal of the Magi.pngSeal of the Magi Seal of the Soldier.pngSeal of the Soldier Seal of the Shaman.pngSeal of the Shaman Seal of the Assassin.pngSeal of the Assassin
Medallions Medallion of the Rabid.pngMedallion of the Rabid Medallion of the Magi.pngMedallion of the Magi Medallion of the Soldier.pngMedallion of the Soldier Medallion of the Shaman.pngMedallion of the Shaman Medallion of the Assassin.pngMedallion of the Assassin
Crests Crest of the Rabid.pngCrest of the Rabid Crest of the Magi.pngCrest of the Magi Crest of the Soldier.pngCrest of the Soldier Crest of the Shaman.pngCrest of the Shaman Crest of the Assassin.pngCrest of the Assassin
Doubloons Copper Doubloon.pngCopper Doubloon Silver Doubloon.pngSilver Doubloon Gold Doubloon.pngGold Doubloon Platinum Doubloon.pngPlatinum Doubloon
  • And some but not all of the gemstones are universal upgrades.
Core Game Gemstones
Tier 1 Amber Pebble.pngAmber Pebble Garnet Pebble.pngGarnet Pebble Malachite Pebble.pngMalachite Pebble Pearl.pngPearl Tiger's Eye Pebble.pngTiger's Eye Pebble Turquoise Pebble.pngTurquoise Pebble
Tier 2 Amethyst Nugget.pngAmethyst Nugget Carnelian Nugget.pngCarnelian Nugget Lapis Nugget.pngLapis Nugget Peridot Nugget.pngPeridot Nugget Spinel Nugget.pngSpinel Nugget Sunstone Nugget.pngSunstone Nugget Topaz Nugget.pngTopaz Nugget
Tier 3 Amethyst Lump.pngAmethyst Lump Carnelian Lump.pngCarnelian Lump Lapis Lump.pngLapis Lump Peridot Lump.pngPeridot Lump Spinel Lump.pngSpinel Lump Sunstone Lump.pngSunstone Lump Topaz Lump.pngTopaz Lump
Tier 4 Beryl Shard.pngBeryl Shard Chrysocola Shard.pngChrysocola Shard Coral Chunk.pngCoral Chunk Emerald Shard.pngEmerald Shard Opal Shard.pngOpal Shard Ruby Shard.pngRuby Shard Sapphire Shard.pngSapphire Shard
Tier 5 Beryl Crystal.pngBeryl Crystal Chrysocola Crystal.pngChrysocola Crystal Coral Tentacle.pngCoral Tentacle Emerald Crystal.pngEmerald Crystal Opal Crystal.pngOpal Crystal Ruby Crystal.pngRuby Crystal Sapphire Crystal.pngSapphire Crystal
Tier 6 Beryl Orb.pngBeryl Orb Chrysocola Orb.pngChrysocola Orb Coral Orb.pngCoral Orb Emerald Orb.pngEmerald Orb Opal Orb.pngOpal Orb Ruby Orb.pngRuby Orb Sapphire Orb.pngSapphire Orb
Living World and Expansion Gemstones
Tier 5 Azurite Crystal.pngAzurite Crystal
Tier 6 Agate Orb.pngAgate Orb
Black Diamond.pngBlack Diamond
Ebony Orb.pngEbony Orb
Flax Blossom.pngFlax Blossom
Freshwater Pearl.pngFreshwater Pearl
Maguuma Burl.pngMaguuma Burl
Maguuma Lily.pngMaguuma Lily
Moonstone Orb.pngMoonstone Orb
Chunk of Petrified Echovald Resin.pngChunk of Petrified Echovald Resin
Chunk of Pure Jade.pngChunk of Pure Jade
Azurite Orb.pngAzurite Orb Passion Flower.pngPassion Flower

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