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About Me
First things first: Jyavoc (pronounced: juh-voe-kh; IPA: dʒʌvoʊk). My name is Alec, and I celebrated my 20th birthday a couple of months ago. I'm enrolled in university for computer science and German; I have been programming since I was nine years old, and I am very adept at what I do. As for German, I began this previous year, so I've a considerable amount to learn. I took six years of Japanese; I would like to believe that I take to languages quickly.

Now, I got rid of all the stuffy junk. Hello! Please don't think of me as sour or boastful. Neither of those things are me; I'm actually quite shy, and so writing those things made me a bit uncomfortable, even. But those are all things about me that are defining features of who I am. Especially programming.

I've been playing Guild Wars for probably around six years now. I guess that'd be about right. I started with Factions, and fell in love with the game. I waited since the day they announced a Guild Wars 2, before Eye of the North was released or even announced. I guess that makes me a Guild Wars hipster.

I've been active (in a manner of speaking) on the Guild Wars Wiki since about the time I began playing Guild Wars. I remain active there as much as I can, under the username Troy Frostwind. But I hope to be just as active in the Guild Wars 2 wiki community now as I ever was before with the GWW community.
Things I've noticed
  • No one does anything on the wiki for half an hour, so I deem it okay to run my new test bots and fill up RecentChanges. Then, everyone promptly decides to get online :<
  • What are projects, even?
  • No love for categories.
  • Google really wants to bot us.
  • I'm lonely..