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September 13, 2022

Update - September 13, 2022[edit]

Living World Season 1The Tower of Nightmares[edit]

In the wake of the climactic events of the Personal Story, a veil concealing a growing evil has been torn away. In Kessex Hills, reports of disturbances and strange creatures in the lake water have exploded into a terrifying threat from a mysterious edifice in the lake's center. Your friends Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are already on the scene, but they'll need your help to uproot this new threat to Tyria!

After years of being unavailable, the "Tower of Nightmares" episode of the Living World storyline has been restored and restructured as a linear Story Journal episode. This episode is permanently available to all players without any unlock needed. In the coming months, one final episode of Season 1 will conclude the commander's battle against the nefarious Scarlet Briar between the end of the Personal Story and the beginning of Living World Season 2.

  • The original Tower of Nightmares achievements, along with a set of new achievements, are now in the Tower of Nightmares category in the Story Journal achievements section.
  • Completing the new achievements will progress a new Tower of Nightmares Mastery meta-achievement to earn new rewards.
  • Achievements from the assault on the tower and Kessex Hills cleanup can be found in the restored Nightmares Within and The Nightmare Is Over categories.
  • Existing achievements will retain their completion status if you earned them during the original Tower of Nightmares events.
  • Some existing achievements have been updated with additional goals or revised goals to ensure that they can still be completed.
  • The Tower of Nightmares map can now be permanently accessed from the Thunder Ridge camp in Kessex Hills. Fight your way to the tower's top in a public or private version of the encounter and claim your rewards!

World Polish[edit]

  • Players who have completed the Looking Back collection achievement can now interact with the shrine near Silent Surf in Dragon's End to replay the Laying to Rest instance and view the story conclusion again.

Living World[edit]

  • Updated the loading art for Kessex Hills to its original image to reflect the Tower of Nightmares content becoming permanently accessible through Episode 4 of Living World Season 1.


  • DirectX 11: Fixed an issue that caused a client crash when taking screenshots while using a rendering resolution larger than the default resolution.
  • DirectX 11: Fixed an issue that caused the Hero panel preview to render incorrectly when not using the default rendering resolution.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the Completing Story Chapters IV achievement if they had already finished Chapter VII of their Personal Story before unlocking Adventure Guide: Volume Five.
  • Reduced the number of alerts when progressing achievements in the Character Adventure Guide.


  • Harvest Temple Strike Mission: Fixed an issue that allowed players to use invulnerability skills to trivialize the Share the Void mechanic. Upon failing the mechanic, all players will gain a 30-second stack of the debilitated condition.

Profession Skills[edit]


  • Soul Grasp.png Soul Grasp: Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect cooldown and ammo count when using the Spiteful Talisman trait.



  • Earthshaker.png Earthshaker: Fixed an issue that caused this skill to do less damage than intended when used by spellbreakers.
  • Arcing Slice.png Arcing Slice: Fixed an issue that caused this skill to do less damage than intended when used by spellbreakers.
  • Banners: Fixed an issue that prevented banner effects from prioritizing the warrior who placed them and their party or squad over other allies.
  • Breaching Strike.png Breaching Strike: Fixed an issue that caused the Breaching Strike tooltip to display incorrect damage when using the Burst Mastery trait.

Improvements and Updates[edit]

  • The Trading Post has been updated with new categories for jade bot components.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 134,163
  • Updated the contents of the Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock.
  • Hero point events in Cantha no longer give map bonus rewards.