Rich Orichalcum Vein

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Rich Orichalcum Vein

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Resource node
Orichalcum Mining Pick
Orichalcum Ore
Rich Orichalcum Veins are resource nodes found in level 75-80 areas. They can be mined 10 times, and have a 50% chance to give 2 ore per hit.

Gathering results[edit]


Heart of Maguuma
Shiverpeak Mountains
Crystal Desert

Detailed locations list[edit]

The total number of "possible" vein(s) are listed next to the zone name once known and confirmed. Each of the "possible" (random) Rich Orichalcum Vein locations in a zone are chosen from the list by the server and can change with each map instance. All of the characters on your account can mine the Rich Orichalcum Veins (they appear per character not per account). The locations below are all confirmed locations.

A Rich Orichalcum Vein has a 50% chance to reward x2 Orichalcum Ore per hit for 3 hits. Rich Orichalcum Nodes found in the Heart of Maguuma will yield at least ten hits.

Crystal Desert
  • Crystal Oasis
    • Amnoon Southern Outskirts -
      Waypoint (tango icon).png
       Amnoon Waypoint
      • South-East of the zone, go up on the rock pillar and find the skritt Tre'cee. You will need the Canyon Jumping mastery of the Raptor Mount to get across a broken bridge. The node is inside the cave, at the end.
    • Diviner's Passage -
      Waypoint (tango icon).png
       Temple of Kormir Waypoint
      • North of
        Point of interest.png
        Village of Kweli (Follow the path north to go up the cliff, you will need Canyon Jumping mastery of the Raptor Mount to get across a big gap. The node is at the base of a tree).
    • Glint's Legacy -
      Waypoint (tango icon).png
       Destiny's Gorge Waypoint
      • North of
        Point of interest.png
        Fortunate Strike (Follow the mine cart railway to the south of the PoI to go up, then turn left.
Heart of Maguuma
Shiverpeak Mountains

Historical locations[edit]

The Mists


Image guides to Rich Orichalcum Vein locations:


The Orichalcum Node that can appear by the Elder Earth Elementals in Scalding Gorge, Draconis Mons cap drop shards and crystals instead of orbs.
The Rich Orichalcum Veins in Domain of Kourna give 9 strikes instead of the usual 10.
  • A permanent Rich Orichalcum Vein located on the upper level of Southsun Cove's Karka Hive was replaced by a normal node on January 28, 2013.

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