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Reserve Generator Site

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Reserve Generator Site

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Reserve Generator Site map.jpg
Map of Reserve Generator Site

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Reserve Generator Site is an area in the eastern region of Sandswept Isles and provides power to Rata Primus. An Olmakhan scouting party has set camp nearby in their effort to hamper the Inquest.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Anniogel Encampment Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Anniogel Landing
Point of interest (map icon).png Reserve Power Core
Vista (map icon).png Reserve Generator Site Vista —





Bounty Board (map icon).png Order of Shadows Agent


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the bounty board
Bounty Hunter: Just got a new bounty in for a pair of ley-line crazed choya. Yeesh, as if they weren't bad enough already.
Bounty Hunter: Looks like some Inquest agent got irradiated by ley-line energies. One Vebis the Inquisitor. Feel like helping out?
Bounty Hunter: Got a new bounty on the board: an Awakened mummy named Seneb. Think you've got what it takes to wrap this one up?
Bounty Hunter: Not sure how, but a power suit got blasted by ley-line energy and is now running amok. Take a look.
Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming all over. Are you going to help?


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Baoba Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables