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Curious Carving

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Curious Carving

Curious Carving.jpg

Drizzlewood Coast
(Shiverpeak Mountains)

Curious Carvings are objects found around Drizzlewood Coast. Interacting with them while having Sheet of Handmade Tengu Etching Paper in the inventory will give progress towards the Tengu Weapon Etchings achievement.

Location of all Curious Carvings.


Shiverpeak Mountains
# Weapon Carving Map
1 AXE Tengu Axe.jpg
2 DAGGER 150px
3 FOCUS 150px
4 GREAT SWORD Tengu GS.jpg
5 HAMMER Tengu Hammer.jpg
6 LONG BOW 150px
7 MACE Tengu LB.jpg
8 PISTOL 150px
9 RIFLE Tengu Rifle.jpg
10 SCEPTER Tengu Scepter.jpg
11 SHIELD Tengu Shield.jpg
12 SHORT BOW Tengu SB.jpg
13 STAFF Tengu Staff.jpg
14 SWORD Tengu Sword.jpg
15 TORCH Tengu Torch.jpg
16 WARHORN Tengu Warhorn.jpg

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