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Magnetics Lab

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Magnetics Lab

Point of Interest
Invariant Enclave
(Sandswept Isles)
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The Magnetics Lab is a point of interest within Invariant Enclave.


Primary article: Disrupt the Magnetics Lab#Walkthrough

This area has unique physics; for moving through the lab, take the Magneton Hammer and use the first skill available (Attractor Pulse) on Magneton Capacitors. Once used, they will attract you towards their location.

For example, using your skimmer mount will rapidly increase your altitude, and hovering can be used to rise faster, allowing you to collect particles easily.


  • Gliding Disabled is in effect here; however, you will be immune to falling damage.
    • You are still able to use mounts, however. This is the only lab where they are authorized.