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Tangled Depths Insight: Twisting Viaduct

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Tangled Depths Insight: Twisting Viaduct

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Tangled Depths Insight: Twisting Viaduct is a Maguuma Mastery Insight in Dragon's Passage.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

Head south-west from Waypoint (map icon).png Ogre Camp Waypoint to the stream. Follow the stream until you reach Deeproot Sink Vista beside a waterfall.

Glide off from the vista into the nearby updraft, and head north west to land on the dark ledge with Vampire Beast Maulers and Cave Spitters. Use the bouncing mushroom at the west end of this ledge to gain some height. Now turn back to face east.

In front and slightly below you are a chain of updrafts leading in a clockwise direction. Follow them. At the 3rd updraft you will be softly pushed up into some roots to land on top of them (this occurs directly above the Tranquil Refuge point of interest).

Facing southwest, glide off from the ledge again and follow the next three updrafts. Right after the third updraft, there is a dark sloped ledge on the left with a Vampire Beast Crawler and a Vampire Beast Mauler.

Head up the ramp until you reach an opening in the ground (about halfway down this vertical opening, to the right with a slightly blue light coming from it, is a tunnel/cave with the mastery insight). Jump into the vertical opening and use your glider to steer into the tunnel below. Beware the Veteran Cave Spitter near the mastery insight.


If you land on the platform with the Guano-Incubated Spider Eggs Hero Challenge and then travel counter-clockwise around the platform, you can end up looking south across a gap to the ledge described above. A raptor can jump this gap.

Alternative with skyscale and bond of vigor[edit]

From Waypoint (map icon).png Dragon's Passage Waypoint go to Point of interest (map icon).png Twisting Viaduct, from here you essentially just need to go straight up. To the North West there is a grassy ledge that has tropical birds on it, from there Fly up to the rocky ledge above it to the west. Now turn back towards the POI and fly up through the gap in the dimly lit ceiling to the North East (not the brightly lit one to the South East) and land where you can. Now you can use the east wall to fly as high as you can and use Bond of Vigor to get the rest of the way up to the mastery point.

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