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The Path to Ascension

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The Path to Ascension

Elon Riverlands
(Crystal Desert)
Event type
Meta event
Total events

The Path to Ascension is a meta event that takes place in Elon Riverlands and is needed to unlock access to the Hall of Ascension in Augury Rock.

Dynamic events[edit]

  • Kaidenna at Augury's Shadow is preparing an attempt to unseal Augury Rock. Augury Rock is closed.
  • Kaidenna is traveling to Ustulate Barrens in search of a source of Forgotten Energy. Augury Rock is closed.
  • The mission to Augury Rock is dangerous. Kaidenna is traveling to Second Camp in search of allies. Augury Rock is closed.
  • Branded forces are overhelming Second Camp. Kaidenna has joined the fight. Augury Rock is closed.
  • Kaidenna and a small band of Followers of Ascension seek a Forgotten teleporter to access Augury Rock. Augury Rock is closed.
  • An agent of Kralkatorrik blocks the portal into Augury Rock. He must be defeated for the Branded barrier to fall. Augury Rock is closed.
  • The Branded champion within Augury Rock has been defeated, and the barrier has fallen. Augury Rock is open.
  • Augury Rock is again sealed, but wild magical energy was released. Augury Rock is closed.
  • Wild magical energy has coalesced into a crazed doppelganger! Augury Rock is closed.
  • The doppelganger has been defeated and Augury Rock is quiet once again. Augury Rock is closed.
  • Event failure: Having defeated all challengers, the doppelganger returns to the Mists. Augury Rock is closed.

Event schedule[edit]

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00:00 UTC


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