Noran's Safe Room

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Noran's Safe Room

Noran's Safe Room is a mini-dungeon in Lake Doric.

Getting there[edit]

In the basement of Noran's Homestead there is a wall of crates. Noran's Safe Room Pass can teleport you here. Interacting with the wall with the Key to Noran's Secret Chest in your inventory will allow you through and into the jumping puzzle.


Inside the jumping puzzle.

This area is fairly simple to navigate but filled with traps which can kill you. Along the floor and walls will be spike traps. Half way through the room will be a small chasm. Occasionally, a log will fall and knock you back. Keep following the right hand side and you will find a cliff to drop off of. The next room is filled with flame traps. Just keep following the right hand side.

Following the right side.
The next trap is a narrow wooden bridge. Logs will drop down from above to attempt to knock you off. Stun breaks, blocks, aegis and stability will be helpful here. You can also dodge the logs if you time it right.

You will then see a chest on the ground. Interacting with it will start the Defeat the Cave Spider event where you will have to kill a Veteran Cave Spider. After defeating it, the gate in the back of the room will be opened and the chest can be looted.

Note: Sometimes the event will have already been activated but not completed or has been completed (within the past five minutes) [verification requested] giving you a free pass.

Loot the chest before you leave the room to obtain Noran's Key Oil. Using this item will turn your Key to Noran's Secret Chest into a Noran's Oiled Chest Key which will allow you to open the chest at the very end of the puzzle.

The next room is a circle. Ultimately, you will want to reach the opposite end of it. There are two paths: the left side is covered in spider webs, and the right side has steam traps. It doesn't matter which path you choose, although the left is fairly safer. There is a fake path half way through that connects the two. Going in here is pointless. If you get disoriented, open your map. Once you reach the opposite end, go through the tunnel.

You will end up in a room of pillars, with wooden planks sticking out of them. You will have to cross the room by jumping on the planks to get on the other side. You can jump back to the beginning if you fall. Having Lean Techniques is useful but not required. Gliding is necessary for a few jumps.

The final room will be filled with falling rocks. Follow the left most wall and you will reach the chest. If you have not used oil yet, do so now in order to open the chest. Behind the chest is a portal which will take you back to the surface.


It's a Trap The Head of the Snake Heart of Thorns mastery point 5Achievement points
Navigate Noran's secret trap maze and reach the treasure room.Your feet can't repel spikes of that magnitude! Reached Noran's Treasure Room 5Achievement points