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Guano-Incubated Spider Eggs

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Guano-Incubated Spider Eggs

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Route from the Ogre Camp Waypoint

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Guano-Incubated Spider Eggs can be found high in the darkness of the Deeproot Sink caves. Unbeknownst to adventurers, a dark alliance has been formed between the Cave Spiders and Vampire Beasts of the cave. Interacting with the eggs will begin the associated hero challenge event.

Getting there[edit]

Both plausible routes require Updraft Use. The first option is to start from the Ogre Camp Waypoint, and then head west via the vista, and then use the bouncing mushroom to access further updrafts (this route can also be used to access the Grand Tree). The second option is to start from Dragon's Passage and use the updrafts there instead (this route is longer).


Vampire beasts and spiders! What unholy alliance is this?
Talk combat option tango.png Stay alert.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.