Perfect Fit

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Perfect Fit is a hidden World vs World Warclaw achievement to sit with a Warclaw in boxes found across Tyria.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Perfect Fit World vs World Warclaw 4Achievement points
Sit in each of the many boxes throughout Tyria. Sat in 1 Box 1Achievement points
Sat in 4 Boxes 1Achievement points
Sat in 8 Boxes 2Achievement points


Hint Map Waypoint
Sit in a box near the blue catmander. Perfect Fit 1.jpg Blue Alpine Borderlands or Green Alpine Borderlands
Sit in a box near the yellow catmander. Perfect Fit 2.jpg Red Desert Borderlands
Keep watch over the prisoners from a box in the Grove. Perfect Fit 3.jpg Waypoint (map icon).png Ronan's Waypoint
Closely watch the fish from a box in Rata Sum. Perfect Fit 4.jpg Waypoint (map icon).png Apprentice Waypoint
Sit in a box and prepare for war in the Black Citadel. Perfect Fit 5.jpg Waypoint (map icon).png Mustering Ground Waypoint
Keep warm in a box while paying your respects in Hoelbrak. Perfect Fit 6.jpg Waypoint (map icon).png Snow Leopard Waypoint
Sit in a box to join the menagerie in Divinity's Reach. Perfect Fit 7.jpg Waypoint (map icon).png Melandru Waypoint
Watch the light move from a box in Lion's Arch. Perfect Fit 8.jpg Waypoint (map icon).png Claw Island Portage Waypoint