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Desert Borderlands map

The Desert Borderlands is a map in World versus World, with the map belonging to the red colored world every matchup. Players on the red team spawn at the Citadel towards the north of the map; players from the other two worlds spawn in either the south-east or south-west corners of the map.


While the three borderlands maps are physically identical, the locations on them have different names. The table below shows the different names for each location.

Currently, one of the four World versus World maps will be a Desert Borderland, and it will always be the home borderland of the red team. The Green and Blue Desert Borderlands are inaccessible to players.

Location Green Red Blue
North resource camp Lesh's Lab Hamm's Lab Zakk's Lab
Skritt territory Gattchaki Scratch Tikitecki Scratch Rektakki Scratch
Wyvern territory Blazeclaw Crag Emberfang Crag Pyrescale Crag
Home world spawn Green World Citadel Red World Citadel Blue World Citadel
Lich Tower (Northeast) Deathless Necropolis Eternal Necropolis Undying Necropolis
Northeast resource camp Norfolk's Refuge Roy's Refuge Olivier's Refuge
Mage College Tower (Northwest) Y'lan Academy O'del Academy Kay'li Academy
Northwest resource camp Hughe's Hideaway Boettiger's Hideaway Berdrow's Hideaway
Earth Keep (Central) Impressive Rampart Stoic Rampart Hardened Rampart
Fire Keep (Western) Scorching Undercroft Blistering Undercroft Torrid Undercroft
Air Keep (Eastern) Harrier's Palace Osprey's Palace Shrike's Palace
Central oasis Tranquilvale Oasis Calmbasin Oasis Verdantdale Oasis
Charr Tower (Southeast) Sparkplug Depot Crankshaft Depot Flywheel Depot
Southeast resource camp Barrett Farmstead Bauer Farmstead Gee Farmstead
Ogre Tower (Southwest) Withered Outpost Parched Outpost Barren Outpost
Southwest resource camp Patrick's Encampment McLain's Encampment Habib's Encampment
South resource camp Smashedhope Well Dustwhisper Well Lastgasp Well
Southwest spawn Blue World Border Green World Border Red World Border
Southeast spawn Red World Border Blue World Border Green World Border


Primary article: World versus World#Mechanics


Controlling each of the regional shrines gives a unique effect. While the world owns the region's keep, players gain effects depending on the number of shrines owned by the world. Interacting with an owned shrine grants a blessing from the region.

Shrine of Air
  1. Activates jump pads and allow players to quickly climb cliffs
  2. Activates wind turrets that knockback foes
  3. Gain Windfall and immunity to falling damage while in the region
Shrine of Earth
  1. Activates rock walls that appear when foes are nearby and players cannot cross
  2. Activates earth turrets that cripple foes in the area
  3. Activates a sandstorm in the canyons and grant stealth while out of combat
Shrine of Fire
  1. Activates an altar that creates Inferno Eggs that grant the Inferno Hound transformation
  2. Activates fire turrets that damage foes
  3. Grants immunity to burning and lava while in the region, allowing access to walk across lava and use Lava Portal, which lead to locations within the keep

The Oasis[edit]

Primary article: Into the Oasis

This event was retired after the launch of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns due to player complaint regarding the events mechanics. There are presently no known plans for it to be re-implemented into the game. Before removal, The Oasis had the following functions:

  • Requires players to gather power cores from nearby creatures and return each to camps to activate the cannon
  • Once activated, the cannon deals damage to all enemy's structures outer walls
  • The event occurs every 3 hours


Veteran Warg location in Desert Borderlands.
Veteran Wurm location in Desert Borderlands.
Veteran Harpy location in Desert Borderlands.


Starter area (Enemy Borderlands)
Starter area (Citadel in Home Borderland) additionally
Garrison (Keep services plus)
Resource Camps



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