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An example of an Account Medals display.

Account Medals were a display of various accomplishments your account had made on the character selection screen. Each customized icon varied based on the level of completion.

The top row displayed the World Completion medal, the middle row displayed three banners each representing an order, the bottom row displayed PvP rank, Realm Avenger, and Legendary Treasures medals.

Account Medals were removed from the character selection screen in the October 23, 2015 patch for Heart of Thorns.

World Completion[edit]

The World Completion medal denoted your highest map completion among all your characters. The medal was gradually uncovered as your world exploration progressed from 0% to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% completion. Hovering over this medal revealed the percentage of completion and a white indication bar representing the same percentage. To see how the medal was obtained, see map completion.

Order Banners[edit]

The Order Banners were arranged with the Durmand Priory banner left, Vigil banner center, and Order of Whispers banner right. Banners displayed when any of your characters completed initiation to that order. To obtain a particular Order Banner your character had to first join an order in their personal story at level 26. That character had to then become fully initiated into that order by completing his / her level 40 personal story as follows.

The Durmand Priory banner was displayed on completion of Mightier than the Sword, the Vigil on completion of either Minister's Defense or Quaestor's Siege and the Order of Whispers on completion of An Apple a Day.

The banners appeared washed out until at least one character on your account had completed initiation into the particular order. Since each of your characters could only join 1 of the 3 orders, to display all three banners you had to have at least 3 characters, each choosing a different order to join. Hovering over each banner displayed the order for which a character needs to complete initiation into, or if earned had completed initiation into.

PvP rank[edit]

The PvP rank medal represented your current structured PvP rank. The medal changed when you achieved the appropriate rank. Hovering over it displayed your current title and rank points.
"Increase your rank by participating in PvP matches."

Realm Avenger[edit]

The Realm Avenger medal measured the number of player kills you have in World versus world. It changed at the same rate as the Realm Avenger achievement. Hovering over it displayed a white progress bar representing the number of players you have killed on that tier.

"Kill enemy invaders in the World vs. World battlefield."

Legendary Treasures[edit]

The Legendary Treasures medal started washed out and revealed to be a chest once you account bound a legendary weapon. Hovering over it displayed what you needed to do to complete this medal.


  • The Legendary Treasures medal was awarded for simply account binding a legendary weapon despite the tooltip stating it had to be equipped. This was likely an oversight, since before the April 2014 Feature Pack, legendary weapons could only be made account bound by equipping them.