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Last Leap

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Last Leap

Point of Interest
Canopy over Jaka Itzel
(Verdant Brink)
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Last Leap.jpg

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Interactive map (Upper level)

The Last Leap is a large lump of earth located in the Canopy over Jaka Itzel. Two corrupted Champion hylek, Cotoni and Huetzi, can be found here during the event "Kill Cotoni and Huetzi".

Getting there[edit]

At night, take a Pact Chopper from Wyvern Cliffs or the Pact Chopper from Jaka Itzel to the Canopy over Jaka Itzel. With Advanced Gliding unlocked, this can also be reached from Precarious Perch. At other times, this area can be accessed from Dust Dancer Plateau, moving to the start of the jumping puzzle then using a Raptor, Griffon, updrafts, or gliding to reach the plateau above Brooding Gulch and the Nuhoch Wallows.