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Magic Snow

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Magic Snow Snowman.jpg

The magic snow after creating a snowman.

Magic Snow is found throughout cities (and some PvE zones) during Wintersday. You can interact with the snow with the Build Magic Snowman action, which will summon a snowman, gives the character a snowball that can be dropped without being destroyed and spawn 5 additional ones around the snowman.

The magic snow can be interacted with again after a period of time and are reset on a per-character basis. Their locations are indicated by a snow making machine floating in the sky.

During Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx, creating snowmen would progress the Cold-Weather Friend achievement. During Wintersday 2013 and Wintersday 2014, creating snowmen would count towards a daily Making Some Wintersday Friends achievement.


Zone Area Notes
Divinity's Reach Dwayna High Road Ministers Waypoint, at the Dwayna statue
Divinity's Reach Plaza of Grenth Grenth Waypoint, at the Grenth statue
Divinity's Reach The Crown Pavilion
  • South of the Snowball Mayhem entrance.
  • By the Bell Choir entrance.
  • South of the Bell Choir entrance, on the raised platform by the Mechanical Orchestra.
  • Northeast of the Wintersday Gift Tree near another Mechanical Orchestra.
  • Northwest of the Winter Wonderland entrance.
  • Southwest of the Winter Wonderland entrance.
  • By the first step of the floating peppermints leading to the vista.
  • Southwest of the Toypocalypse entrance, between the wall and the village scale models.
  • West of the Toypocalypse entrance, right south of where the path taken by Ho-Ho-Tron is completely covered by snow.
Queensdale Village of Shaemoor Near the big bridge
Queensdale Township of Claypool Near the waypoint
Queensdale Shire of Beetletun At the south entrance next to the Renown Heart
Kessex Hills Fort Salma Near the waypoint
Kessex Hills Wizard's Fief At the north entrance
Kessex Hills Viathan Lake Ireko Tradecamp Waypoint, between trade tents
Gendarran Fields Ascalon Settlement At Ascalon Settlement Waypoint
Gendarran Fields Nebo Terrace South of Nebo Terrace Waypoint
Gendarran Fields Vigil Keep South of Vigil Keep Waypoint
Harathi Hinterlands Wildspine Hills South of Grey Gritta's Waypoint
Harathi Hinterlands Wynchona Woods Southeast of Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint
Harathi Hinterlands Greystone Rise Northwest of Seraph's Landing Waypoint
Maguuma Jungle
Rata Sum Creator's Commons Southeast corner of Surface level, next to Metrical Court Waypoint
Rata Sum Rata Sum Port Authority Port Waypoint, near vista
Rata Sum Statics Union East of Accountancy Waypoint, near Polymock Atrium point of interest
Metrica Province Soren Draa East from waypoint, head right of the stairs leading down
Metrica Province Desider Atum Near the Tailoring Station
Metrica Province Luminates Plant East from Conduit Tower Blig, at the entrance of garrison
The Grove Upper Commons Center of Surface level, near the waypoint
The Grove Scholar's Terrace South of Underground level, west from Starbower Nursery
The Grove Garden of Dawn North of Depth level, west from The House of Aife point of interest
Caledon Forest Village of Astorea Near the trading post
Caledon Forest Mabon Market Near the waypoint
Caledon Forest Sandycove Beach Southwest from Bay Haven point of interest
Brisban Wildlands Koga Ruins East of Mirkrise Waypoint
Brisban Wildlands The Gallowfields South of Gallowfields Waypoint
Brisban Wildlands The Wendon Steps West of Wendon Waypoint
Sparkfly Fen Orvar's Glen Near the Deadman's Reach point of interest
Sparkfly Fen Astrozintli Forelands In the hylek village near Zintl Holy Grounds Waypoint
Sparkfly Fen Thundertroll Swamp Near the Dryground Waypoint
Mount Maelstrom Gauntlet Gulch Near the waypoint in the fort
Mount Maelstrom Clandest Basecamp Inside the camp
Black Citadel Memorial Quadrant West of Memorial Waypoint
Black Citadel Mustering Ground Southwest of waypoint
Black Citadel Perimeter Loop West of Junker's Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Ashford Forum Northwest from Ashford Waypoint
Plains of Ashford Village of Smokestead South from Smokestead Waypoint, near the trading post
Plains of Ashford Charr's Triumph North from Temperus Point Waypoint
Diessa Plateau Town of Nolan West of Nolan Waypoint
Diessa Plateau Reaper's Corridor West of Redreave Mill Waypoint
Diessa Plateau Bulliyak Arsenal Northwest of the Equipment Repair icon
Fields of Ruin Mithric Cliffs Near Deathblade's Watch Waypoint
Fields of Ruin Stronghold of Ebonhawke The Hawke Heart
Fields of Ruin Vulture's Sweep In the small fort at Skoll's Bivouac Waypoint
Iron Marches Glory's Steps Near Town of Cowlfang's Star Waypoint
Iron Marches Harvester's Glade In the village at Warhound Waypoint
Fireheart Rise Highland Thaw On the island
Fireheart Rise Sati Passage Near the vista
Shiverpeak Mountains
Hoelbrak Might and Main North-West from the waypoint
Hoelbrak Frost Basin In front of Old Fiach's Lorestead
Hoelbrak Lake Mourn On the far western side of the lake
Wayfarer Foothills Snowlord's Gate North-East from Horncall Waypoint
Wayfarer Foothills The Shadowhorns At Zelechor Hot Springs Waypoint
Wayfarer Foothills Taigan Groves East of Taigan Waypoint, near the Armorsmith
Snowden Drifts Tromigar Valley At Snowhawk Landing Waypoint
Snowden Drifts Skradden Slopes Next to vista near Skradden Waypoint
Snowden Drifts Isenfall Lake North of Isenfall Waypoint
Lornar's Pass The Thunderhorns West from Thunderhorns Waypoint, near Korakatt's Hall point of interest
Lornar's Pass Venison Pass At Vanjir's Stead Waypoint
Lornar's Pass False Lake At Greybeard's Landing
Dredgehaunt Cliffs Graupel Kohn Brandalf's Steading
Frostgorge Sound Earthshake Basin North from armorsmith


  • Dwayna and Grenth are the only gods getting a Magic Snow spot next to their statues. They were also greatly involved in Guild Wars' original Wintersday festivities.