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Wintersday Daily is a daily achievement category added during 2014 that is available during Wintersday. Originally containing only six achievements, additional daily achievements were added in the successive years.

Wintersday achievement.png
Wintersday Daily (Daily)
Total achievements: 18 0Achievement points


  1. ^ Daily Bonus Rewards: Snowfall Sprint Race: Completing the Time Trial: Snowfall Sprint also counts towards this achievement.
  2. ^ Dashing Through the Snow: Completing the Time Trial: Snowfall Sprint also counts towards this achievement.
  3. ^ Donation Drive: Skins to wrap can be purchased from the Charity Corps Seraph (Wintersday Skins).



  • 6 new achievements were added:
    • Daily Bonus Rewards: Bell Choir
    • Daily Bonus Rewards: Infinirarium and Secret Lair
    • Daily Bonus Rewards: Snowball Mayhem
    • Daily Bonus Rewards: Snowfall Sprint Race
    • Daily Bonus Rewards: Toypocalypse
    • Daily Bonus Rewards: Winter Wonderland
  • 1 achievement was removed:
    • Wintersday Skritt Hit
  • Saving Wintersday was changed to include the Secret Lair of the Snowmen


  • 2 new achievements were added:
    • Dashing Through the Snow
    • Snowball Mayhem


  • 3 new achievements were added:
    • Saving Wintersday
    • Toypocalypse Today
    • Wintersday Cheer
  • Originally points granted by this category counted as daily for the daily Achievement points cap. With the 2016 update, Wintersday daily achievements from 2015 no longer awarded achievement points and instead, completing Wintersday Cheer progresses A Season of Merriment.
  • During Wintersday 2014, an additional daily reward could be earned by completing five out of six dailies. In Wintersday 2016 this was reduced to three dailies.


  • 2 new achievements were added:
    • Donation Drive
    • Wintersday Skritt Hit


  • Introduced with 6 achievements:
    • Making Some Wintersday Friends'
    • Spreading Wintersday Joy
    • That Wintersday Ring
    • Winter Wonderland Winner
    • Wintersday Snowball Slinger
    • Yay, Wintersday Presents!
  • Upon its release on December 16th, 2014, the daily reward did not include a laurel if the player already completed the "classic" daily achievements on the same day. On subsequent days, with the old daily system gone, the laurel was included.
  • Historical daily achievements for Wintersday prior to Wintersday 2014 can be found at Wintersday 2013/Daily achievements. Achievements removed from the Wintersday Daily category can be found at Wintersday Daily/historical.