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October 1, 2012

Update - 1 October 2012[edit]


  • Fixed bugs for various stuck events and skill challenges.
  • Fixed bugs for various map areas that allowed players to get outside of the playable space.
  • Fixed a bug in dungeon speed-clearing code. Players should no longer experience reward reductions without triggering the speed-clearing debuff.
  • Fixed a bug that was automatically killing players as they entered Sharkmaw Caverns in Lion's Arch.
  • Fixed an exploit in renown regions that allowed players to quickly complete them by interacting with objects while their inventory was full.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Charr characters to enter a state where any fall resulted in a long falling yell.
  • Fixed a bug that caused older characters to have their monthly achievement reset upon completion before the current month ended.
  • Fixed the conversion on all items that were changed from soulbound to account bound to actually be account bound now.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain music from playing.
  • Fixed an issue with the loot table for undead grubs.
  • Fixed a camera bug which occasionally caused the camera to get too close to the player's backside.
  • Updated the Barrel and Green Plant environmental weapons to disappear after lying on the ground for a set time. This will prevent map issues caused by hundreds of these bundles idling on the ground.
  • Updated Rune of the Adventurer and Sigil of Energy to each grant 25% endurance when activated.
  • Updated map completion rewards for Plains of Ashford and all World-versus-World maps to match the map level/content.
  • Added an appropriate error message for players when trying to accept too many guild invites.
  • Armor that is currently equipped can no longer be transmuted.
  • Keg Brawl has received some updates:
  • Lob: This skill is now ground-targeted.
  • Throw: This skill now has the range of the old Lob but with a casting time.
  • Master Weaponsmiths now sell their goods for coin instead of karma, as was originally intended.
  • Miss Mipp at Almuten Mansion now sells Curry Buns instead of directly selling outdated buffs.
  • Surfacing while downed underwater no longer grants invulnerability. This change was made to stop players from exploiting the surface of the water to maintain permanent invulnerability.
  • The Trading Post will properly refresh when using item context menus from your inventory.
  • Transmuted cultural armor now prevents opposing races from equipping it.
  • Valkyrie armor boxes will now properly contain a coat instead of two helms when crafted.
  • Ancient wood, Orichalcum Ore, and Mithril Ore nodes respawn rate is now tied directly to characters and set to respawn one day after your character gathered from it.



  • Fixed a bug that was periodically preventing the Claw of Jormag event from completing.
  • Added catapults and scaling veterans to the bridge repair event in Kessex Hills.


Crucible of Eternity[edit]

  • Reduced the difficulty of creatures and bosses, particularly health and armor.

Citadel of Flame[edit]

  • Fixed exploits that allowing[sic] players to speed clear paths of this dungeon.
  • Reduced difficulty of the Searing Effigy.


  • Fixed map exploit that was allowing players to speed-clear paths of this dungeon.
  • Fixed a blocking bug in story mode.

Player versus Player[edit]

  • Games will no longer autobalance after one team has reached 80% of the maximum score if the game ends by score.
  • Games will no longer autobalance when within two minutes of the end of the game if the game ends by time.
  • Autobalance functionality has been updated to give a new volunteer bonus to any players who volunteer for balancing, as well as giving any players balanced the winner bonus. When volunteers are lacking, random selection will be used. The text for this system has also been updated.

World versus World[edit]



  • Profession bundle weapons (engineer kits, elementalist conjure skills, warrior banners) can now save their autoattack status.
  • The following profession skills now hit 3 targets instead of 1:


  • Flame Burst.png Flame Burst: This skill will no longer fire if the target is behind the player.
  • Lightning Surge.png Lightning Surge: This skill no longer has infinite range and cannot fire at targets behind the player. It also is properly affected by line of sight and works with the Arcana trait Blasting Staff.




  • Updated all phantasms and clones available to the mesmer to ensure they activate within their range.
  • Updated mantras to now function underwater as they do above water. They also no longer go on full recharge when interrupted.
  • Illusionary Riposte.png Illusionary Riposte: This skill now functions properly with the Dueling trait Blade Training.
  • Phantasmal Warden.png Phantasmal Warden: This skill no longer has a 0-second recharge when affected by traits. It now has approximately a 5-second recharge.



Mac Beta Client Update[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from entering the at sign (@) in the launcher's log-in fields when using French Apple keyboards.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented gem purchases.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki notes[edit]

  • Unknown monthly achievements have been implemented instead of monthly survivor achievement.
  • The functionality of Throw Keg.png Lob and Throw.png Throw were only swapped, except that Throw remains accurate.
  • Contrary to the update notes, Lob was ground-targeted before the update, and is now not ground-targeted, this is likely a typo.
  • The Keg Brawl training is still using old versions of the skills Lob and Throw, possibly confusing new players.
  • Summoned undead grubs no longer provide drops. So farming the summoned undead grub in personal story such as Battle of Fort Trinity is no longer possible.
  • NVIDIA Surround Support updated, fixing overly stretched scenes occuring when using multiple monitors [1]