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The Ley-Line Run

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The Ley-Line Run

The Ley-Line Run.jpg

Ogre Lane
(Tangled Depths)
Time limit
Interactive map

Interactive map

Zap your way through the checkpoints and across the finish line!

— Adventure objective

The Ley-Line Run is an adventure in Ogre Lane. Players must navigate through the checkpoints as a spark to reach the end.

Getting there[edit]

Run west down Ogre Lane from Waypoint (map icon).png Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint, then use the bouncing mushroom at Ley Line Node up to the start of the adventure.

Alternatively, if you have Nuhoch Wallows unlocked, you can run southwest from Waypoint (map icon).png Ogre Camp Waypoint and use the Nuhoch Wallow to reach the bouncing mushroom at the Ley Line Node.


  • Checkpoints Crossed: x/5
  • Bronze Goal: 2:00
  • Silver Goal: 1:30
  • Gold Goal: 0.45
  • Time Limit: 2:00


During the adventure, the player is transformed into a Spark and has their skill bar replaced with 3 new skills. Each skill may be used once before disappearing from the skill bar, but will reappear upon reaching checkpoints and interacting with golden markings on the ground.

  • Power Surge causes the player to dash forward in a straight line. Dashing into glowing orbs along the path of the adventure, such as the one on the starting platform, will redirect the player to predetermined points.
  • Go with the Flow breaks stun if the player is hit, though for completing the adventure this is usually not required as much as the other two skills.
  • Energy Leap fires a projectile which teleports the player on impact, which allows for covering large gaps. The player will be teleported to the location the projectile hits, which may not be the targeted location if an obstruction is in the way. Unlike normal teleportation skills, like Blink, this does not need a valid path to reach the destination.

Players must use these skills as well as several golden markings on the ground that boost skills and helps players to navigate and reach parts of the course easily.

Interacting repeatedly with the golden markings allows the player to use skills multiple times, albeit with a cooldown[verification requested]

The adventure will end if the timer is up, the player is killed, or by reaching the end.


Bouncing Mushrooms.pngBouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 1) — A bouncing mushroom is required to access the start of the adventure if approaching from Ogre Lane.
Exalted Markings.pngExalted Markings (Exalted Lore Level 1) - Allows interaction with the golden markings along the floor of the course. When used these markings re-enable all skills previously used, though the skills may be on cooldown.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Windborne Speed (Glyph of Lesser Elementals skill).png Power Surge 0.75¾ 5 Dash forward!
2 Mist Form.png Go with the Flow 5 Merge with the ley lines, and become invulnerable for a brief time.
3 Ride the Lightning.png Energy Leap 5 Teleport.
0 Return.png Quit End the transformation and forfeit the adventure.


First-time reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold < 0:45 80,010 Experience.png Tangled Depths.png The Ley-Line Run: Gold
Silver < 1:30 40,005 Experience.png Tangled Depths.png The Ley-Line Run: Silver
Bronze < 2:00 26,670 Experience.png Bag of Gear.pngBag of Gear

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold < 0:45 24,003 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngThe Ley-Line Run: Gold
Silver < 1:30 16,002 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngThe Ley-Line Run: Silver
Bronze < 2:00 13,335 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngThe Ley-Line Run: Bronze

Related achievements[edit]


  • Despite its name, this adventure does not requires the player to have Ley Line Gliding mastery.
On the map / mini-map the adventure reads as The Ley-Line Run but once at the adventure it reads as Ley Line Run.