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Outpost: Ogre Camp

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Outpost: Ogre Camp

Ogre Camp
(Tangled Depths)
Event type
Meta event
Part of
Advancing Across Tangled Roots
Total events
Outpost: Ogre Camp is a meta event that takes place in and around Ogre Camp in Tangled Depths. It starts after the fight against the Legendary Chak Gerent in King of the Jungle (regardless of success or failure).


Related achievements[edit]

Honorary Ogre Tangled Depths.png Tangled Depths Heart of Thorns mastery pointAP.png
Participate in every stage of the ogres' survival in Tangled Depths.The ogres consider you one of their own. In this case, that's a compliment. Helped the Ogres Learn about the Chak and Establish Camp AP.png