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"Shard of Brilliance" Strongbox

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"Shard of Brilliance" Strongbox

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Tangled Descent
(Tangled Depths)
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Route to the strongbox including vista

"Shard of Brilliance" Strongbox is a strongbox located high in the trees of Tangled Descent. You must have Gliding Mastery Updraft Use to reach it.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint, head southeast. Climb the grassy bank to the right of the "Pact Pistol" on the ground, and then jump up onto the platform on the right. Facing southwest towards the tree trunk, glide over to it - it looks steep but you can land on it. Clamber up and then through the hole. Jump and glide at the far exit to the hole - there is an updraft here which will carry you up. Use the other updrafts to continue up and round towards the Arboreal Overlook (optionally landing on the platform with the Tropical Birds sitting on it to gain the point of interest). Continue to use the updrafts to glide north over towards the vista, and then turn left towards the tall tree with fungus pads around the top of it - here you will find the strongbox, and three Mordrem Guard Sharpshooters keeping watch.

With Mounts[edit]

Requires: Springer (3/4), Griffon (0/3)
Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint, head south to the most western tree on this side of the chasm. Springer up to the mushroom platform, ride the air current up to the tree branches, and springer up again to any point on the tree you can stand on. Switch to Griffon and fly due south, using one "movement ability" to land on the platform with the chest.


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