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Istan Griffon Expert

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Istan Griffon Expert

Interactive map

Interactive map

Prove your expertise with the griffons of the Domain of Istan.

— Adventure objective

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Istan Griffon Expert is an adventure in Churrhir Cliffs in which the player needs to fly through all the rings as fast as possible. It unlocks once you get the Griffon Expert achievement by mastering Aerial Prowess.

Getting there[edit]

Slightly south of the Plaza of Resurgence Point of Interest, the mounds descent on the ground level. Working from there with your bunny you should hop along the cliffs to the west until you arrive on top of a hill with a Veteran Air Djinn on it. The Sand Portal on top of that hill will deliver you on top of the hill where you can begin the adventure.

Alternatively, you can work your way up there straight from the descending mound with a Skyscale.


In the beginning, you can jump down and do two flaps downwards and simply fly through the first two circles by flapping the wings (space) as often as possible. All rings are basically on the same level or lower so you only need to be aware of the terrain to not crash into it and lose momentum. After the fifth ring, you will need to climb a little bit to avoid crashing into the houses. Before the last ring, there will be a tree in the way that you can fly through if you can avoid the two branches on the sides or fly above for a minor time loss if you want to be safe.

Map for the Istan Griffon Expert achievement


Aerial Prowess.pngAerial Prowess (Griffon Mount Level 2) — Needed to unlock the adventure.
Aerial Finesse.pngAerial Finesse (Griffon Mount Level 3) — Helpful speed boost.


First-time reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold <0:30 80,010 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngGriffon Expert Course: Gold
Silver <1:00 40,005 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngGriffon Expert Course: Silver
Bronze <1:30 26,670 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngGriffon Expert Course: Bronze

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold <0:30 48,006 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngIstan Griffon Expert: Gold
Silver <1:00 32,004 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngIstan Griffon Expert: Silver
Bronze <1:30 21,336 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngIstan Griffon Expert: Bronze

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