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Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence

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Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence

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Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence is a Maguuma Mastery Insight in Tangled Depths.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

Start from Waypoint (map icon).png Teku Nuhoch Waypoint.

Open your map, and locate the green opening in the cliff immediately to the north of the mastery point. The first step is to navigate into this opening.

Reaching the opening[edit]

With a Springer[edit]

Walk up to the opening, and use the Springer's jump to get in.

Gliding from Teku Nuhoch[edit]

Follow the spiral paths and ramps to reach the top of the tree in Teku Nuhoch. Glide south-south-east toward the opening.

Gliding from Beetle Feast[edit]

Walk north and bounce up to the Beetle Feast adventure. Walk to the area with the first root gate (where you'd normally have to burrow to continue). Glide south from this platform towards the tunnel marker on the map - you are aiming to land above it in a small green valley.

After completing Beetle Feast[edit]

Complete the Beetle Feast adventure and walk down the slope after the hero challenge.

Reaching the mastery point[edit]

A series of bouncing mushrooms allow you to bounce and glide to the mastery point. Take the first mushroom (A) to get off the valley floor. Jump up the steps in front of you, then take the second mushroom of the two on the ledge (B). Walk up the slope and use the nearby mushroom (C), which will take you to a group of two mushrooms. Then use the one on the right (D), which will take you to a group of three mushrooms. Finally use the western mushroom (E), which will chain jump you (via F and G) to the mastery insight.

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