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Egg Clutch (Tangled Depths)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the hero point in Tangled Depths. For the hero point in Auric Basin, see Egg Clutch (Auric Basin).
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Egg Clutch

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Egg Clutch (Tangled Depths) map.jpg

Route from the Ogre Camp Waypoint

Interactive map (Underground)

Feeding off the ley energy in the Ogre Lane, a small Egg Clutch waits for travelers to disturb it. Interaction with this clutch will trigger a group event which spawns a Champion Chak Blitzer and two normal Chak which must be killed within 10 minutes to complete the challenge.

Getting there[edit]

If you have the Nuhoch Wallows mastery, then the closest waypoint to this hero challenge is the Ogre Camp Waypoint. Otherwise, walk from the Ley-Line Confluence or Dragon's Passage waypoints.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png It would be unwise to mess with these eggs.
Talk combat option tango.png Try to take one anyway.
After completion
Hero point.png It would be unwise to mess with these eggs.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • The Chak that spawn naturally in the area can complicate this hero challenge, especially if there is an event nearby or a Chak Bracer spawns. Due to the high damage of this hero challenge, and additional mobs from the area, it is tough to complete alone.