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King of the Jungle

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Tangled Depths meta-event. For the Verdant Brink achievement, see Lord of the Jungle.

King of the Jungle

Tangled Depths
(Heart of Maguuma)
Event type
Meta event
Part of
Against the Chak Gerent
Total events
API, 2, ...
3, 4
King of the Jungle is the meta event in Tangled Depths. The event to spawn the Legendary Chak Gerent happens every 20 minutes past the hour, at a 2 hour interval rate. Once the 20 minute timer reaches its end, two timers will pop up once more, both having 5 minutes each; giving the people a heads-up that the Gerent is about to spawn.

Players must contest four lanes: Rata Novus Lane, Nuhoch Lane, Ogre Lane, and SCAR Lane. The goal in each is to use the lane's special mechanics to spawn the the Chak Gerent and then to kill it. Failure to do so will cause the Chak Gerent to burrow straight ahead to the cannon and destroy it in one blow, making the meta event fail.


  • The Order of Whispers is attempting to blow a hole into Dragon's Stand with ley energy! This gathering of energy has stirred up the chak hive. Spread out and prepare for battle.
  • Chak defense will be active in: 5:00.


Can be opened multiple times per day, but will only reward the Tangled Depths: Hero's Choice Chest once per day per account.


Event pre-dialogue
Agent Zildi: All right, team! Listen up. I have a plan to get us further into the jungle. It's so simple, even you lot can do it.
Agent Zildi: With the chak's routine disrupted, this is the perfect time to strike, but our cannons need time to charge.
Agent Zildi: We'll have to repair the power conductors and defend them for...several minutes.
Agent Targius: Several minutes? Like two or three?
Agent Korrin: Not like we have somewhere else to be...
Agent Caerys: What exactly will we be defending them from?
Agent Zildi: Chak, and more. We all know something big is lurking down here. I have a feeling it'll make an appearance.
Agent Caerys: Divide and conquer! I'll head west and fix that cannon.
Agent Korrin: Right. I'll head east.
Agent Zildi: I'll head northeast to Rata Novus. Who's taking northwest, toward the Nuhoch?
Agent Targius: I will. I wanted to see all that fungus, anyway.
Agent Zildi: Keep your heads together, squad. Fix the cannon, and then team up with the heroes to defend.
Upon successful completion
Agent Caerys: Break and fall!
Agent Zildi: Optimal result. Access to Mordremoth's inner sanctum is ours!
Agent Targius: That was amazing!
Agent Korrin: Now that's a hole! Hey, give Mordremoth my regards!
Upon failure
Agent Zildi: All that effort wasted. At least we know how to redirect the energy.


  • This meta event is unique in that participation is capped at 150%, rather than 200%.
  • Having level 2 Nuhoch mastery allows you to use Nuhoch Wallows, which makes traversing back to the 1st and 2nd phase's area much faster.
  • The Ley Line Confluence Waypoint in the Ley Line Confluence is the central waypoint of this meta-event and offers easy navigation back to each of the lanes in case your character gets defeated. It is highly recommended to have this waypoint for the meta-event.