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Nevermore IV: The Raven Spirit

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Nevermore IV: The Raven Spirit is a Legendary Weapons collection achievement to gain the Gift of the Raven Spirit for the legendary staff, Nevermore.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Nevermore IV: The Raven Spirit Legendary Weapons 3Achievement points
Take upon yourself the responsibility of raising a raven from egg to chick to adult, while you work toward taming the wild raven spirit you have already caught.
With the blessings of the Great Spirit, Raven, these two are destined to join together, earning you the Gift of the Raven Spirit, the penultimate step to attainting the legendary staff, Nevermore.
Prerequisite: Scholar of Secrets
Unlock Item:The Raven Staff.png The Raven Staff
Reward:Gift of the Raven Spirit.png Gift of the Raven Spirit

Collected 1 Item 1Achievement points
Collected 63 Items 2Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


  • The "Show your Power" , "Friend of..." , and "Bring ... to Rest" sections can be completed in any order at any time, but must be completed before taming the spirit. The Raven Egg must be obtained and consecrated in full before it can be hatched, and after hatching it must be fed, taught to fly, and housed before preparing/priming the raven.
  • Any of the "Bring the X to rest" items are awarded automatically, but are not actual objects and do not enter the players inventory.
  • 1Friend of Rabbits can be obtained by either completing the event Shoo rabbits back into their pen, or bought from Dena without completing the event.
  • 2Friend of the Owl Spirit may also be earned by completing the event Protect the owl spirits from Jormag's minions a second time after having already collected the Friend of the Owls.
  • You must return the Ancient Dwarven Texts to Ogden in the Durmand Priory rather than the Chamber of Secrets Headquarters.


  • Some parts of the collection (namely Incubation Box, Feed Herring to Your Raven Chick, Nesting Materials) are reminiscent of the scavenger hunt for the Black Moa Chick in Guild Wars 1.

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