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"Sword of Smodur" Strongbox

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"Sword of Smodur" Strongbox

Wooden Strongbox.jpg

Chak Stronghold
(Tangled Depths)
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"Cryptonym" and "Sword of Smodur" Strongbox map.jpg

Map to the "Cryptonym" and "Sword of Smodur" strongboxes

"Sword of Smodur" Strongbox is a strongbox in Chak Stronghold. You must have Gliding Mastery Updraft Use to reach it.


Heart of Maguuma

Getting there[edit]

Option One: Gliding with Updraft Use[edit]

Begin from the Waypoint (map icon).png Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint and head east along the path until you reach a cave system, take the left path when the cave splits, and stop when you reach the large open cave area with mushroom platforms growing on the branches. At this point stick to the left wall (marked by a torch) to get to where some Mordrem enemies are standing.

Walk up the dirt path leading to the branch and glide to the first mushroom platform, then scale the branch using the rest of the three platforms (You will have to walk up a steep looking part of the branch to reach the top two platforms). Look east and glide to the mushroom platforms across the cave, then climb north up the tree branch until you reach a plateau with a Cave Screamer and Veteran Vampire Beast Bloodsucker.

Continue along the path then glide into the Updraft and fly left towards another Cave Screamer, landing on the section of branch to the left of it. Continue walking along the branch, when it slopes upwards, jump forward and to the right of the slope to make it up, there is a small section of branch on the right side you can glide to if you miss your jump. From here, walk along the rest of the branch until you can safely glide to the next mushroom platform, and stop once you reach the platform full of Tropical Birds.

If want to save a trip and also grab "Cryptonym" Strongbox while you're here, continue north and glide to reach the cliff where it is located. Then turn around and use the Updraft to reach the cliff on your right to reach the "Sword of Smodur" Strongbox.

Otherwise, face west on the Tropical Bird platform and glide to the strongbox!

Option Two: Using a Springer[edit]

Begin from the Waypoint (map icon).png Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint and head east along the path until you reach a cave system, take the left path when the cave splits. Keep going past the Chak until the road splits again and take a left, quickly followed by another left before the first Speed Boost Mushroom you see. Use your Springer to jump up on the lightly illuminated mushroom platforms.

Keep jumping further up the cliffs until you reach a cliff with a pile of rocks of a slightly different color leaning against the wall. Jump up these rocks, then face south and jump onto the cliff with a waterfall flowing onto it. From there, you should be able to jump north onto the cliff where the "Cryptonym" Strongbox is located, open it if you haven't already.

Use the updraft next to the cliff to glide all the way up and land on the cliff to your right. Keep walking along the cliff until you see the strongbox, then drop down and enjoy!


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