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Salvage Pit

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Salvage Pit

Interactive map

Interactive map

Gather supplies and avoid tendrils before time runs out!

— Adventure objective

Salvage Pit is an adventure at Shrouded Ruins in Verdant Brink. Upon beginning the adventure, the player enters an isolated pit filled with hostile stationary Jungle Tendrils to gather supplies.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the Waypoint (map icon).png Shrouded Ruins Waypoint, walk directly east, going down a few flights of stairs. The adventure banner is next to a large pit in the ground.


Players must evade poison projectiles and sweeping attacks from the Jungle Tendrils or risk ending the adventure timer early. Multiple players attempting the adventure simultaneously does not instantiate enemies. That is, Jungle Tendrils will target whichever player is normally appropriate. The adventure will end if all supplies are gathered, if the timer runs out, or if the player takes lethal damage.


Blazing Speed Mushrooms.pngBlazing Speed Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 3) — Provides extra speed.


First-time reward[edit]

Reward tier Supplies gathered Experience Reward
Gold 30 80,010 Experience.png Verdant Brink.png Salvage Pit: Gold
Silver 15 40,005 Experience.png Verdant Brink.png Salvage Pit: Silver
Bronze 10 26,670 Experience.png Bag of Gear.pngBag of Gear

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Supplies gathered Experience Reward
Gold 30 48,006 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngSalvage Pit: Gold
Silver 15 32,004 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngSalvage Pit: Silver
Bronze 10 21,336 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngSalvage Pit: Bronze

Related achievements[edit]


  • In early stages of development, it was called "Vine Pit Salvage" and a reward for completion was that it would unlock the Waypoint (map icon).png Reaver Reinforcement Waypoint (later the Shrouded Ruins Waypoint).