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Vabbian Griffon Master

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Vabbian Griffon Master

Event maps
Vabbian Griffon Master map.jpg

Prove your mastery over the griffons of the Domain of Vabbi.

— Adventure objective

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Vabbian Griffon Master is an adventure in Kodash Bazaar in which the player needs to fly through all the rings as fast as possible. It unlocks once you get the Griffon Master achievement by mastering Aerial Finesse.

Getting there[edit]

From the Waypoint (map icon).png Market Ruins Waypoint, use a Skimmer to travel to King Joko's Sky Garden, and then use your Griffon to fly across.


  • You'll need to flap the Griffon wings while diving throughout this mission, building up enough speed to be able to recover height when needed.
  • The main difficulty with this adventure is posed by accidentally landing on the various arches, bridges and steps throughout.


Aerial Finesse.pngAerial Finesse (Griffon Mount Level 3) — Needed to unlock the adventure.


First-time reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold <0:35 80,010 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngGriffon Master Course: Gold
Silver <1:10 40,005 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngGriffon Master Course: Silver
Bronze <1:45 26,670 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngGriffon Master Course: Bronze

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Time Experience Reward
Gold <0:35 48,006 Experience.png Adventure reward gold.pngVabbian Griffon Master: Gold
Silver <1:10 32,004 Experience.png Adventure reward silver.pngVabbian Griffon Master: Silver
Bronze <1:45 21,336 Experience.png Adventure reward bronze.pngVabbian Griffon Master: Bronze

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