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Tangled Depths (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the zone, see Tangled Depths. For the Tangled Depths meta-event, see King of the Jungle.

Tangled Depths is an achievement category for achievements earned in Tangled Depths.

Tangled Depths.png
Tangled Depths (Heart of Thorns)
Total achievements: 44 27 Heart of Thorns mastery point 139Achievement points


  1. ^ Cloak and Snagger: Obtained by getting to the chest across from the Nightthistle Bloom Hero Challenge and not being spotted by the Mordrem guarding the platform.
  2. ^ Elusive Elemental Eliminator: The elementals are guarding the "Whitebear's Pride II" Strongbox.
  3. ^ Lost Lab Locator: Awarded upon getting to the Ancient Power Core Hero Point.
  4. ^ Pulse Room Glider: The place of power mentioned is the glowing orb seen here.
  5. ^ Roost Rouster: There are several bird flocks nearby Mastery point (Heart of Thorns).png Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence.
  6. ^ The Longest Glide: Ley Line Gliding mastery is required. You must glide all the way, without landing, from the Vista (map icon).png SCAR Bivouac Vista until you hit the Dragon's Passage area.