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Garden Wine and Cheese Run

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Garden Wine and Cheese Run

Garden Wine and Cheese Run map.jpg

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Gather refreshments and return them to the party in the Garden of Seborhin quickly!

— Adventure objective

The Garden Wine and Cheese Run is an adventure in the Garden of Seborhin in which the player must gather refreshments and return them to the party by The Promenade.

Getting there[edit]

Run west from
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Seborhin Waypoint until you are almost at The Promenade.


You begin the adventure by talking to Amusement Adjunct's Assistant by The Promenade. The adventure requires you to pick up supply from five supply stations around the garden. The supply stations are marked with yellow flags on your map and mini map. You pick up the supply by being close enough to the supply stations, the NPCs at the supply stations will then throw the supply to you. When you have picked up all the supply, head back to the Amusement Adjunct's Assistant at the beginning of the adventure.

Gold can be reached by first using your Raptor to head towards the Seborhin Waypoint and pick up the first supply there. Continue using your raptor to reach the second supply station east of there. Then swap to the Griffon and use it to head straight north to the third station. When you get to the other side, use your Springer to reach it. Swap to your Griffon again to reach the fourth supply station on the building below on the south west side, and onwards to the fifth station on the bottom floor of the garden. From the fifth station, use your Jackal to head towards the sand portal on the south west side of Seborhin Circle (or stall using your Griffon to gain height). The portal will take you close to the end.


  • It's recommended to keybind each mount to a different key to swap between them faster without getting into combat.
  • There is probably a more optimised route using the Griffon and it's masteries (especially dive and rise with default keybindings V and C), but the described route will easily reach gold.


Canyon Jumping.png Canyon Jumping (Raptor Level 3) — The longer Raptor jumps will make it much faster to reach supply stations.
High Vault.png High Vault (Springer Level 3) — The higher Springer jump will help you reach supply stations without having to take the stairs.
Shifting Sands.png Shifting Sands (Jackal Level 3) — There is a sand portal that will take you back up to the adventure start from the bottom level.


First-time reward[edit]

Daily reward[edit]

Reward tier Time (m:ss) Experience Reward
Gold <2:30 48,006
Adventure reward gold.png Garden Supply Run: Gold
Silver <3:30 32,004
Adventure reward silver.png Garden Supply Run: Silver
Bronze <5:00 21,336
Adventure reward bronze.png Garden Supply Run: Bronze