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The Longest Glide

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The Longest Glide is an achievement in the Tangled Depths (achievements) category that requires you to glide from the SCAR Bivouac to Dragon's Passage, without ever landing.


The Longest Glide Tangled Depths 5Achievement points
Glide from the Mordrem migration path in SCAR Field Operations all the way to Dragon's Passage.Talk about hang time! Tangled Depths Longest Glide Achieved 5Achievement points


Flight path

In order to be able to make it all the way to your destination, Dragon's Passage, you need to begin your glide at the vista in the SCAR Bivouac area. Despite the description, starting from the Mordrem path accessible by entering the Drone Race adventure does not award the achievement. Turn to the west and head to the Eastern Confluence Tunnel. Watch out for obstacles and decrease your altitude steadily to avoid getting forced to land. Do not disable your glider to lose altitude, as that disqualifies you. Make your way through the tunnel. It is recommended to keep close to the ceiling to maintain a certain height for the following flight sections. Once you reach the Ley-Line Confluence, make for the closest ley-line energy flow on the left to gain some altitude, and lean a bit to the left. Once you are high enough, turn right and enter the Ogre Lane. Use the ley-line leading through the lane until you reach the Egg Clutch hero challenge. Watch out for ley-line streams and decrease your altitude to be able to keep gliding. This part might be a little tricky. As soon as you are past the challenge, cross the last bit of the way by zig-zagging through it by using the ley-lines. You will get the achievement a few meters short of the Twisting Viaduct point of interest.