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Inquisitor's Campsite

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Inquisitor's Campsite

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Inquisitor's Campsite map.jpg

Route from Teku Nuhoch Waypoint

Interactive map (Upper level)

The Inquisitor's Campsite can be found up a small ramp north of the Teku Nuhoch outpost, in an aggressive Zintl hylek camp.

Interacting with it triggers the Hero challenge group event Defeat the Zintl inquisitor, which spawns Champion Zintl Inquisitor and two normal warriors that must be killed within the 10 minute time limit for the challenge's completion.

After this challenge has been completed for hero points, it can then be activated and completed daily for map currency, experience and additional rewards.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png The stones are still warm. The Zintl Inquisitor isn't far.
Talk combat option tango.png Prepare for a fight!
After completion
Hero point.png The stones are still warm. The Zintl Inquisitor isn't far.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • The camp has several normal Zintl warriors and archers that respawn somewhat quickly within the camp. It is advisable to kill them first, as they will add a lot of extra damage to the enemy's side and make killing the champion much harder.