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Aerial Prowess

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Aerial Prowess.png

Aerial Prowess

Path of Fire mastery point

Path of Fire
Griffon Mount

Before completion: Learn to gain aerial prowess with your griffon. Use Swoop to dive rapidly and engage foes below you. Use this momentum to pull up from a dive to fly forward at great speeds, or even directly upward. 

After completion: Use Swoop to dive toward the ground and engage foes below you, or enter the diving state by using movement ability 1. When you gain substantial diving speed, use movement ability 2 or the backward-movement key binds to carry your momentum upward.

— In-game description


  • This is a Griffon mastery.
  • To summarise the above mastery; you can begin diving when already airbourne by pressing V, and can then pull out of the dive by pressing C (default keybinds for Dive and Rise respectively).