Quicksand (effect)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the effect applied by the environmental hazard. For the ranger skill, see Quicksand.

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Environmental effect: slow sand deals periodic damage. Riding a skimmer protects against quicksand.

— In-game description

Quicksand is an environmental hazard that is inflicted on the player when walking or skimming over quicksand. If not mounted on a skimmer, this effect deals damage, inflicts daze, reduces movement speed, and prevents endurance regeneration or applying swiftness. The effect is cleared upon leaving the quicksand.


  • Damage dealt by this effect is a percentage of the character's maximum health. As such, the damage ignores defense and does not count as a hit for "on-hit" effects. Similar to lava, damage continues after death, making revival difficult.

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