Council Level

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Council Level

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Map of Council Level

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Location within Rata Sum

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Loading screen


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The Council Level is the cube suspended in the air above Rata Sum itself. It holds the Arcane Council's meeting chambers.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Arcane Council
Asura Gates
Asura gate (map icon).png Creator's Commons




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Dynamics Expert (1): When is the Arcane Council going to rule on your proposal?
Dynamics Expert (2): Impossible to say. The Snaff Prize put all other business on hold.
Dynamics Researcher (1): Nice weather we're having.
Dynamics Researcher (2): It could be improved.
Dynamics Researcher (1): Oh? How?
Dynamics Researcher (2): I have some ideas for a cumulopolarizer to control precipitation.
Golemancer (1): Didn't the council ask you to send golems into the hot zone?
Golemancer (2): I refused. They have no idea how the energies surrounding the reactor will affect golems.
Golemancer (2): Besides, anyone still caught in the area is either dead or wishes they were.
Inquest Researcher (1): I have an urgent matter to discuss with our man on the Arcane Council.
Inquest Researcher (2): I might be able to make that happen. What is your concern?
Inquest Researcher (1): I learned about a rival proposal I need quashed.
Peacemaker Officer (1): We should petition the council for additional peace-keeping funds to swell our ranks.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Why? We already have ten golems to every Peacemaker. We hardly need more.
Peacemaker Officer (1): No, for more Peacemakers. This imbalance in power terrifies me.
Peacemaker Officer (1): I certainly hope there isn't any precipitation in the immediate forecast.
Peacemaker Officer (2): Afraid you'll melt?
Peacemaker Officer (1): My latest golem upgrade isn't watertight. I'm not entirely certain what will happen if they get wet.
Retired Researcher (1): What's happening on the council these days? Why do they give the Inquest so much rope?
Retired Researcher (2): Inquest simply knows how to play the system. They're smart and slippery.
Retired Researcher (1): Why, when I was on the council, we could discern truth from chicanery.
Retired Researcher (2): Funny, I remember you funding a slew of failed weather-control experiments.