The Golem Mines

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The Golem Mines

1Vista (map icon).png

The Golem Mines map.jpg
Map of The Golem Mines

The Golem Mines locator.svg
Location within Rata Sum


The Golem Mines.jpg

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The Golem Mines is the lowest part of Rata Sum, the bottom of which are filled with rubble and the walls containing water pipe grates.


Vista (map icon).png The Golem Mines Vista —
From Auxiliary Waypoint, head north to the first bridge on the eastern side then jump to a floating block covered in foliage that hovers beyond the bridge. From there, jump to a hovering platform between the block and the branch that the vista resides on.


  • This vista, unlike most others, is a one-way trip. Once arriving at the vista, the only way to get back to where you came from is to use a waypoint, or via mounts.